Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain can be treated with a variety of therapies. Many individuals suffering from chronic pain can be treated with medications and physical therapy. Along with Chronic pain management we also provide interventional and alternative pain management.

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Chronic Pain Management

Everyone can experience pain. Not everyone experiences chronic pain. An individual suffering from chronic pain is not going to “get better” with a few days of rest. When the pain signals remain active in the body for weeks, months, and years on end, the individual is suffering from chronic pain and requires medical intervention.

Chronic pain can be a result from an injury, a surgery, or even an underlying medical condition. Individuals suffering from chronic pain can have their professional and personal lives effected. Many lose work days between the physical symptoms and scheduling doctors appointments. And many feel limited in participating in actives they once enjoyed on a daily basis. 

Pain that lasts longer than three months can begin being categorized as chronic. It is important to be evaluated by a pain specialist to determine if there is an underlying condition or an untreated injury affecting you.

Once a medical professional has established you are suffering from chronic pain you can then begin creating a treatment plan. There are different types of pain management that can treat chronic pain. Theses treatments can include traditional chronic pain management, alternative pain management, and interventional pain management techniques to effectively treat your pain. Chronic pain management treatments may utilize:

These options can be utilized by a patient under the guidance of a pain management specialist who can develop a plan that is safe and effective. 

Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

Treatment of chronic pain is determined by the type of pain involved and its location on the body. For some types of chronic pain, medication assisted therapy (MAT) can provide patients with effective relief. When treating chronic pain with medication, it is important for a licensed medical professional to determine the appropriate prescription.

Not all medications that treat chronic pain are opioids. Non opioid medications can be prescribed to treat neuropathic pain with great success. For other patients, opioid based medications are necessary. A skilled chronic pain specialists will be able to determine the best course of medication treatment a patient requires. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is another a resource many patient utilize in their management of chronic pain. Some patients may not respond to pain medications. Or some may simply prefer not to take any medication. Physical therapy can provide individuals suffering from chronic pain relief and tools to manage their condition and prevent further pain symptoms.

The majority of physical therapy is based on movement based activities that include stretching, strengthening exercises and low-impact aerobic activity. Physical therapy can also include the systematic use of ice/heat packs, manual therapies (with a PT professional) and educational information regarding pain and its effects on the body. 

Each person suffering from chronic pain may respond differently to these therapies because each pain condition is different. Chronic pain can manifest itself in varied physical symptoms, and needs to be monitored. A skilled pain management specialist will be able to determine what will benefit the patient the most. The medical professional will develop an individualized treatment plan that is safe and effective for the patient. 

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