Chronic Pain Management

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Chronic pain can be treated with various therapies, and many chronic pain patients can be treated with medications and physical therapy. Along with chronic pain management, we provide interventional and alternative pain management.

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Chronic Pain Treatment

Everyone can experience pain, and not everyone experiences chronic pain. An individual suffering from chronic pain will not get better with a few days of rest. When the pain signals remain active in the body for weeks, months, and years, the individual suffers from chronic pain and requires medical intervention.

Chronic pain can result from an injury, surgery, or an underlying medical condition. Individuals suffering from chronic pain can have their professional and personal lives affected. Many lose work days between the physical symptoms and scheduling doctor's appointments. Further, many feel limited in participating in activities they once enjoyed on a daily basis. 

It's crucial to consult a pain specialist for evaluation to identify any underlying condition or untreated injury that requires attention. If you're interested in discovering more about alternative pain management for chronic pain options at Pain and Spine Specialists, use the resource buttons provided below. If you're ready to speak with one of our specialists, submit a contact form here or give us a call to schedule a new patient appointment.

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How We Treat Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain

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