Good morning Dr. Rao, Thank you. After going to four pain management clinic’s, two orthopedic doctors and spending over $1579.00 with no relief. After one visit with you I am finally getting some relief. I still hurts but it’s doesn’t seem to be getting worse, as it has been for almost a year. I don’t feel like giving up and this life I have might actually be worth fighting for, as I am not consumed every minute of everyday fighting pain.


New Patient Policy

We at Pain and Spine Specialists of Maryland want to provide the most efficient and pleasurable experience possible. As in all medical facilities, we have certain policies in place to ensure that you receive the time you require to address your needs as well as enhance your experience while in our care. In order to do so we will need your assistance and consideration for the following policies:

As a new patient, we ask you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment if you have completed the “new patient intake forms”. (The new patient packet is located on the website. By request, we can also email, mail or fax these forms directly).

If you have not completed these forms, you must arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

New patients must bring photo ID, insurance card(s), and copay if applicable.

All patients must provide co-pays at the time of service.

General Policy

As a courtesy to you and our other patients, a 24 hour notification of any cancellation for your scheduled appointment is required. If a patient fails to give 24 hour notice for a cancellation or they are considered a “no show”, a charge of $75 will be assessed and is due upon the next scheduled appointment.

Due to the nature of our facility, all patients that are prescribed opioid/narcotic medications will be required to sign an “Opioid Agreement” and will be subject to random urine drug screens. Non-compliant patients may be discharged from the practice at the discretion of the physician.

If an urgent (but non-emergent) matter occurs after hours that requires the need to speak to the ‘physician on call’, please call the main office number and the message will prompt the patient on how to reach the “physician on call”. NOTE: If the situation is emergent, please do not attempt to reach our office, immediately call or go to the nearest Emergency Room for medical attention.

Procedure Policy

Patients who have been selected to receive procedural treatments will be required to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment unless scheduled otherwise.

Insurances Accepted

Medicare, Worker’s compensation, and most  Medicaid and commercial plans accepted.

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