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Pain and Spine Specialists we encourage patient feedback to better improve your experience. We strive to create a friendly and warm environment where patients feel their voices are heard and validated. 

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Maria H.
Dr. Nishant Gandhi is EXCELLENT!
Jennifer G.
Been with PASSPA since they took over for DNA. Jeremiah has been great with me and always takes the time needed. Highly recommend
Jeanne W.
This is an office that exceeded my expectations. The doctor was a good listener and I was impressed with understanding of my pain and symptoms. Highly recommend!!!
Michele C.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff, fast service
Steve W.
Fantastic place. Very professional and courteous staff.
Michael R.
I've been a patient for a while now and they always try to help me. The staff is great
Erin C.
Wonderful, kind, caring and professional staff. Love going there.😁
betty S.
They are the best pain clinic I have been to
Daniel D
Top notch Doctor and staff. Very friendly and stream line appointment.
My L.
If you have trouble with your lower back, this is the place to go
Nancy C.
Everybody is wonderful, get you in and out quickly. Has helped me tremendously. Thank you for taking me as a new patient.
clifford K.
I received shots in my lower back that took away a good bit of my back pain
Marguerite G.
On time nice dr. And 2 great cortisone shots and I as was out in 5 minutes! Terrific service!
Camilla Van D.
I struggled for over 25 years with excruciating abdominal pain. A final diagnosis of pancreatitis led me no where. After many hospital visits, a plethora of ER doctors who without the usual three causes of pancreatitis, i.e. gall bladder problems (ido not have one), diabetes, which I also do not have, and excessive alcohol consumption, I have not drank alcohol in over 50 years, had no clue. Some had to look it up in a Dr book! More doctors, GPs up to specialists and I was no where. One ER Dr. Actually accused me of coming in for drugs. Which unfortunately went into my records which made future ER visits a nightmare of neglect. I happened upon "Dr. B". In five minutes he diagnosed me with chronic, idiopathic, pancreatitis. The gist is I have it with frequent flare ups and no cure. BUT I now control it with pain meds. Totally eliminating all other Dr's and the despised ER. I burst into tears. After so long and so much indifference and ignorance I was being heard and helped. They quite simply gave me back my life.
William K.
Very good. Caring Staff. reasonable Wait times.
Donna Z.
The ladies behind desk are Great and make every visit pleasant😊
G P.
Very thorough, and very knowledgeable.Everyone in the office, has always been very nice and helpful.
Stephanie J.
Love the Pleasant Hills office and was so excited to see Dr Hites again. He has to be the most intelligent and kind doctor on the planet. He is compassion ate and understanding. I would certainly refer my friends and family to Pain and Spine Specialists.
Lisa H.
Everyone at the office is so nice and helpful and pleasant and the dr is awesome
Melissa G.
Very efficient, professional, and friendly. I felt that they cared about how I felt and relieving my pain. (I went to the Mt. Airy office.)
Vincent S.
The staff is always very helpful and the doctors are very helpful also, going to pain and spine is always a pleasant day..
Esteban T.
Ms Jennifer continues to be an outstanding medical professional. She conveys with her patients with the up most respect and genuine kindness. She even told my spouse that she was 😊 glad he was discharged from hospital and feeling better. She is a blessing!
Angela A.
Very friendly staff and doctors they treat you like a person and not a number
LynnAnne G.
Everybody there is knowledgeable and nice and seem caring! Everything was explained to me clearly in real terms that I understood.They seem to genuinely care.
Ronald A.
Very professional staff very good
Another great appointment with Jeremiah Altman. I highly recommend him. Him and his staff provides great medical care.
vaughn H.
First day and I'm happy with the staff
Sam D.
Always a pleasant appointment.
Darla R.
Everyone was very pleasant and polite. Listen to my issues and came up with the best plan for my pain issues. I'm a new patient so we'll see how it goes, but as far as your staff they were very nice.
Michael S.
Very kind and understanding. Many different options including an electrical spine stimulator that I’m 100% gonna try out. Would highly recommend this office.
Ronald C.
Good Doctors. Friendly staff. Highly recommended!
Pam C.
People here are fantastic
Sheron R.
They always take the time to hear and understand what’s bothering you.They always give you the best options to help you feel better.
Debbie M.
They have alway worked with me scheduling my next appointment. And everyone has way been caring and respectful.
Great very nice Courteous and kind Yes all the above very pleasant
Jeremy T.
Very professional, communicative, and educational. Great team. Very caring, supportive, calming. Start to finish. Highly recommend. The Docs are very sharp!!
Dee A.
I am a patient at the Washington PA office. I have been going to PASSPA for a few years. The doctors and staff are wonderful! I always feel like I am a part of my treatment plan and I am listened to. I would highly recommend PASSPA to anyone seeking pain and spine specialists!
Mona Lisa S.
My dad goes here for pain and the girls are so nice. They take time and listen to our concerns. We never have to wait that long.
Karen E.
Dr. Rao and his staff are absolutely the best pain management team! They have taught me to manage my chronic pain so that I can continue functioning in life. The center has many treatment options and will find one that works for you!
Kelly D.
Dr. Gandhi is by far the best doctor I have ever had. Would highly recommend him to anyone. I do not know what my husband and I would do without him.
George H.
everyone is great and the doctors get right to it
Barbara A.
I love the professional care & knowledge of the Doctor. He is very patient & listens. He explains in a matter of fact & is very understandable. The Doctor has performed tests on me for my overall health not just pain management. I highly recommend & would rate him to be in the top 5 of the Doctors in his profession in Maryland. The staff is very professional, friendly & caring. Overall I can only say I have a great experience at every appointment.
James M. H.
I appreciate it the way they’ve been helping me it will deal with my pain better and they really listen to you. Describe your pain and they spend time with you that’s more than a lot of doctors. Did they just want to prescribe you something and then I’ll just keep adding on to that, it’s a true concern towards us in the highly appreciate that it’s not many places that start with concern if they do and I appreciate it very much not recommend this place to anybody’s head chronic pains cause lotta people do understand about chronic pain With the right people working with you. You learn how to deal with it and it gets to where it’s easy to control if I think I’m very much again.
Karen B.
I have always been treated with respect and Dr Altman and his staff always have concern for my well being and health.. The nurses the receptionist and all of the employees are very kind and always there for any needs or questions.
Vince N.
They always take time to listen to me. It's never been about a time slot and they are compassionate. They're a solid 10 all day long
Christi B.
They do great work regarding your areas of pain management.Thanks So Much
Dom D.
My visit was outstanding everyone is soWell mannered
John B.
Love this place. Best care in the world. Everybody is so nice to me. 100% the best!
Brian W.
Best staff and doctors I ever had
This is my 2nd lower back spine injection for the pain on my right hip, knee, leg, ankle, and foot pain due to an accident on my company time. I'm getting remarkable results from this injection.I'm hoping for a spine stimulator, to be placed on my right-side lower back, ASAP.
Scott J.
They were so nice and helpful the doctor was awesome too he explained everything and did carry a laptop like most doctors do everyone was awesome
Lisa B.
Dr. Altman is by far the easiest Dr to talk to. He is very attentive
Lisa H.
It's a nice, clean place, and everyone was friendly. Dr Samantha is one the kindest drs I've met. The staff is wonderful!!
Louis B.
Great doctors and just a friendly group of people!
Todd M.
Dr. Ghandi is top notch!!! He has given me relief and helped to prolong and possibly avoid neck surgery!! I would recommend him anytime!!!
Rebecca K.
All staff is very helpful and very friendly and the doctors take time to with you and answer any questions,they really are here to make sure you get the care you need .Dr.Hites is a great doctor always answers your questions and pleasant.
Patricia S.
Iv been going there for 3years and every one there is so nice and the Drs there work with you for your pain Samantha is very nice and she is really good she works with you to help your pain all the Drs are very good I would not want to go to any other place thank you for working with me to help with my pain
Kim G.
Dr. Greg height is the best
Beverly L.
Dr Rao is the best! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable.Had a lumbar injection to relieve chronic back pain. Expecting relief as in the past.
Jackie K.
Dr Cabantog and his staff are wonderful. For the first time in almost 3 years of excruciating pain, I have hope that he can help me. Thank you seems inadequate.
Allen H.
Doctor and staff listened to me to give me the right treatment.
Dana T.
Terri D.
Love Sam, hate to see her go!
Becca A.
Very friendly and attentive people
brandon S.
Disappointed that I can no longer get my prescriptions at giant eagle. But other than that, a great visit
Claudia H.
Needed an appointment and line was busy but it was Monday morning. Was asked to leave a phone number and would be called back. Two hours later I received a call back and got an appointment for the next day. The office wait time was 10 minutes. Staff was very professional.
Scott C.
Very courteous. Almost a family atmosphere. Great care and friendly as can be!
Godfreda W.
Considerate, caring, great bedside manner, and very professional easy to understand and communicate.
Thea C.
Samantha rocks and being her last time meeting with me want to say how wonderful she has been and how much I will miss her. All the best Sam! Everyone here is so nice! Thanks u all, so much! Thea Custer
Zel P
The most thoughtful and helpful clinic out there. They go above and beyond to keep you up to date on health appointments, and use every bit of your insurances allowances to get you all the help and preventative care they can. They’ve helped me live comfortably again, going from dreading the pain in the morning and at night, to planning my next month in confidence. Jeremiah Altman’s practice should be the standard for clinical care.
Dawn Z.
I've been a patient with this practice for many year's now and I would recommend this practice to anyone who is struggling with any type of pain that needs to be managed. I have come to learn this is a very touchy subject and a lot of people will suffer in pain and not get help for fear of taking medicine and especially fear of being judged by other people and Drs. This practice is very compassionate, caring, professional and the Providers will take time to explain thing's, they listen and explain all the different options they feel is best to help you get relief. I have found along my journey that there a very special Drs that will take the time to actually care about their patients and this practice definitely has some very special caring and compassionate Nurse's and Drs that have never given up hope on me help me even when I had not hope left in me. All the staff in is so friendly they go above and beyond to help you. You'll definitely meet some very special people that truly care about you and making sure you're that your ok on so many levels.
Darin B.
This place is awesome! from the staff in the front to the staff in the back I recommend this place to everyone!
This pain and spine specialist of Maryland is one of the best ones that I've been to
T A.
I can't speak high enough about Pain and Spine Specialist of Hagerstown, they have EXCEPTIONAL office staff at the front desk who are always pleasant and friendly, Dr.B does my injections and is very caring and listens to what you have to say and is gentle when performing my injections, CRNP Cathy is just the greatest, she listens to you when you explain your problems that you have in regards to your pain an comes up with a plan of care to help find the cause of the pain, and the best way to treat the issue, this is by far the BEST place in Hagerstown!
Tracy B.
Excellent experience as always. Everyone there are so polite and professional.
Linda B.
I always have a good experience there. They’re all wonderful people.
Shawna B.
Everyone is so friendly, and professional. I love Orchid! She listens to me, and takes steps to help my comfort and pain.
Vincent C.
I had excelle I had excellent servicent service the doctors were great the staff was great I'll give him five stars
Linda W.
Very caring doctor and staff!
Debbie L.
I've been coming here for some time now. Every visit, the Doctors, Nurse Practioners, And Staff are Amazing. They give you all the time you need, without rushing you like other doctors. I highly recommend PASS . On a scale , I most definitely give them a 10 😀 I'd like to add to my review that I posted sometime ago. For the past couple years I've had horrible pain on my hips, unbearable at times, I figured it was from my knees. Dr Ghandi sent me for xrays and mri on my back. Bulging and Herniated disc's were causing that pain. He suggestedthat i have 2 injections done on my back. Family told me not to have them done. It was super painful and not worth it. I went with the Doctors Advice , and omg, the shots were not painful what so ever, and for 4 months they continued to give me 90 percent relief. I've made another appointment to have them done again 😀 They will last until after the new year, get me through the holidays. Soooooo worth it ! 👌 Ghandi is the best 😉
Thomas B.
So glad I found this place! They take great care of me! I have had 9 surgeries on my neck and back plus knee problems but they keep my pain manageable!
Joanna G.
Was very nice people receptionist and the PA was great the PA really listen to all u had to say.Felt like she really cared.Would recommend!
Cheri D.
Teresa D.
Never a wait and very friendly front office staff as well as PA
marva K.
The staff are very much appreciated to me they are very professional in their job attentive I would recommend others to their facility anytime
Elbert K.
This was my first visit since merger with DNA Pain Clinic. The staff was amazing. Dr. Heise is first rate. I was very pleased with my appointment from start to finish.My appointment today with Sheila was wonderful. I am very glad she is back. I love everything about her. 9/14/2023
Orchid and all the staff at Pain and Spine specialists are always polite, understanding and patient. As usual I was walked back within 5 minutes of getting in the door, and I was seen by Orchid within 15 minutes of my scheduled appointment time. Always kind and efficient. Orchid always takes the time to listen to everything you have to say, and even though it wasn't her specialty, she used her prior experience to ease my mind about an upcoming procedure it's looking like I will have to do (Cardiac Catheter.) It wouldn't even have come up if she didn't genuinely ask how I was doing in general and why. I've had a ton of anxiety about this specific health issue, but Orchid was able to relieve alot of the anxiety surrounding it, and took her time doing so. As usual another great experience here.
Patricia S.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Cabantog for more than a year. He is kind and takes the time to truly listen to me, and to get to the underlying issues to help manage and relieve my pain. That is an invaluable trait these days. I appreciate the kindness of the office personnel and nurses. Thank you PASS!
Linda P.
Dr. Altman is very caring and listens to you. I felt abandoned by my last doctor, when I started seeing Dr. Altman. I feel very lucky getting such a fine doctor.
Lisa H.
Everyone is so friendly. They listen to you and takes their time if needed. Thank 😊
Theresa S.
I can't say enough great things about this practice and how well I'm treated by everyone.
Bernadette M.
This was my first time seeing Doctor B. He did a great 👍 job today. He took time to answer my question and concerns.
Julie G.
I'm so grateful, for the time and attention that was spent listening to all of my concerns. Also taking the time to explain things to me in a way that I could clearly understand. The entire staff at the Greensburg office are so kind to everyone. Thank you.
Dorothy K.
They were pleasant and kind. Things were explained to me each time I asked .That is important to me. Sometimes I wonder why I see different doctors and not the same one each time. Wonderful place to go. Ran so much better than the last group.
Kareen B.
Dr. & staff very nice, friendly and knowledgeable. Place-good location, pretty and clean.
Juwa W.
I am happy with the care. They’re professional and caring. They have been here for a while so they have worked out the kinks. I’m able to talk about my pain and I am listened to. They involve me in my treatment plan.
Coleen B.
These Doctors are the best I've ever had. They care,go above and beyond for patients, they really listen,and have helped me more than any other Doctors ever have in the 27 years that I have been dealing with spinal issues! I recommend them to everyone I talk to that has chronic pain! I go to the Greensburg office. The staff are all so awesome too !
Ramone P.
It was pretty good but can give better solution for extreme pain
Ruthann N.
I receive excellent care at every visit. They listen and help You manage Your pain. Thank You for taking such good care of Me.
Deborah F.
Each person I have to deal are wonderful. I really can't say enough about their kind friendly manners. It's a good experience every time I go.
Linda L.
Everyone is always caring and kind
Donald G.
Great doctors And PA'S n staff. Looks out for you and manage your pain.
Darla D.
I have nothing but good things to say about Pain and Spine. They have helped me immensely in the past and are continuing to help me. I have been in chronic pain for my entire adult life, I am 53, and I have been through hell and back. I am finally receiving help to keep me stable thanks to the professional and friendly staff. I highly recommend them.
Chester R.
Pain & Spine specialist in Greensburg has a very nice staff ,well informed and shen there are problems of any type ,they do their best to resolve them as Quickly as possible .I’ve been a patient for a number of years and I’ve always been treated with kindness and respect ,would recommend to any seeking help for their pain .
shelly H.
Dr Gandhi is fantastic. I am very comfortable talking to him. He listens and explains things to where I understand.
Kim B.
The staff are always so nice and helpful. Dr. Samantha is such a great doctor and I always enjoy talking to her.
Been to many pain clinics over the years. All of the other places made me feel like just a number. Treated me like I was an inconvenience for them. I never felt as if the staff and doctor actually CARED how I was feeling until I came here! Jeremiah is FANTASTIC! He takes the time to LISTEN and they offer alternative treatments for your consideration. They have the most friendly, caring, compassionate and considerate staff I’ve EVER dealt with!
Glenn M.
Always pleasant when I come to this doctor office if people are very nice and very willing to listen to whatever you have to tell them I like going to the doctor I've been going for 16 years and I love it thank you stay safe have a nice day
Denny E.
This office really cares about their patients. I would recommend them to anyone. Jeremiah takes a close interest in my personal health
Foxy L.
The dr. And staff really care for you. I always have a smile coming out of there.
Joe H.
I see Jay for chronic back pain and pain management. He is extremely thorough, he always makes you know he is present and connects while you are talking. He explains the mechanics behind what is happening. And the entire staff at Elkridge are warm, friendly. To the point you are glad to see them again when you come in for your appointment. Best pain management clinic I have found in 10 years of dealing with this across 3 states.
Deborah W.
Very nice and friendly staff! The staff is willing to help you with anything patiently! They respect you and go alive and beyond!
ben K.
Great place they treat me right and get me in on time Jeremiah is the best
Magdalene T.
Dr. B and the staff are really nice and patientthey take their time to really listen and work with you regardless of the process they have to go through. Jay … thanks for getting things done for me with the big W/C.
Linda L.
Very nice people! Dr Cabantog very nice and easy to talk to. Good experience.
Lisa W.
They are very kind people and they care about u so much. So glad I got a very kind doctor and and nurse and at the front desk
Kia B.
Always on time never had a problem here at all thanks for great service
matt T.
Awesome people working there! Super friendly staff. Very very Knowledgeable doctor Cabantog! Plus he's just a nice guy in general
Bill G.
they are all very thorough and competent and friendly. I like the summary of the visit that they do.
Karen M.
It was fast and easy. The front desk woman who checked me in was nice. The nurse was fast and listened. The doctor explained everything to me in a way that I understood. She was really nice and Seemed to really care.
Patty R.
I'm so glad I found this Pain & Spine clinic. The staff is super nice, caring and thorough. Dr. Nazaroff really listened to me and formulated a care plan that suits my needs. I would highly recommend Pain and Spine specialists of Maryland!! I'm sorry to see Dr Nazaroff go in October. She's a credit to their staff, and a kind and easy person to talk to.
Sharonl C.
Friendly, informative, empathetic,knowledgeable, and competent.4/25 the dr at pain and spine clinic will go the distance to help relieve pain. I like them a lot. I feel very comfortable with them.
Terri L.
The staff are amazing and truly care about you
Brends S.
The specialists that waited on my was and is always so nice they show me compassion I feel at home when I’m there I’m very happy with the care I’m recieving
Susan D.
Great and friendly staff
Harveytwin O.
While I am in the very beginning stages of my treatment, I am extremely pleased so far with PASS!!(learned 2 use that today…lol). The triage process and reception staff (M,M and M) are extremely helpful, very professional as well as personable. Whether in person or by phone they each have gone out of their way to address my concerns with enthusiasm and empathy. Every staff member that I have come in contact with, EACH have treated me very personally thoroughly listening to my issues/ailments. I love that I don’t feel like a number or a chart, being rushed out the door left feeling violated. They take their time with me, which helps my anxiety some. While I don’t wish pain on anyone, I do pray that anyone that does suffer… find the PASS… so grateful for the doctors referral here!
I love going to the doctor there very knowledgeable very helpful staff is fantastic I'm not crazy about going to the doctors I've seen too many but it is actual joy to come here
Terri D.
Love Sam, she takes time to listen and shows compassion! Hate to see her go!!
Sherry C.
I saw Samantha and Josie and Jordan was back!! . I forget who the MA name was. All great interactions. ♡ Next to schedule RFA. MBB done!
Cindi P.
Great team, very personal service and attention to my needs. After several surgeries it’s nice to feel in good hands.
Jesse B
Extremely helpful and kind nurses and staff, just communicate with them
mark J.
I go to Pain and Spine Specialists of Frederick and they are amazing. I have gone to the Mt.Airy Office for treatment and to both Frederick locations for follow up. I wouldn’t go to anyone else, because I had gone to another doctor and that’s why I came here.
Bob R.
The clinic and staff are awesome. They will do everything in their power to help improve your health.
Natalie R.
Friendly and welcoming front office staff. Dr. Rao is very personable and knowledgeable. And while all of the staff is wonderful, Alex, who took a phone call from me, went above and beyond!!
Morgan R.
Second time here. WONDERFUL office/staff and doctor(s). Absolutely go here!
Michele M.
Everyone was super nice & made me feel welcome. The Doctor listened to me & suggested some things we could try & he's going to help me ween off of pain meds. I was seen before my appt. Time. Definitely recommend this practice.
Funky C
New patient in processing
Rhonda M.
Samantha is a great help, she is caring and very easy to talk to! I truly appreciate her advice and care. The Frederick office is always clean, courteous, welcoming, and close!Edited to add: my experience with Dr Anish Patel was horrible. He was very careless with his office/procedure notes. I felt that I was forced to have a potentially damaging injection. When I reported this to the office, the manager called to tell me that Samantha and J were at fault. She was so rude and loud that my husband told her to call back. She never did. I've filed a professional complaint with the MD Board of Physicians. He refused to change my medication.Gabapentin is a great medication for pain relief, but it caused mental status changes that caused me to suffer a mental health emergency. I tried to relay this in the questions that are sent several days prior to my appointments, but it was not addressed by him. Samantha finally heard me.
GreatThere super nice.Plus they know what there doing at all time.
Jody M.
Took time to hear all my concerns. Always on time.
Thea C.
Josie and Samantha are great and the young nurse who took me back was so nice!
Barbara S.
Great place to come. I Love going to see Sam!
Marshall B.
This place is amazing. I finally found a doctor who listens and understands my issues. I have been going there for over 2 years and I am very happy with the increase of the quality of life they gave me.
I really love going Every month because the doctor that I have she's really good and she helps you out To make you Feel better She tries to put you in the right direction I really like going To see Miss Samantha every month
Michael L.
I want to give a big thanks to Orchid Mesias for being attentive and helpful with my situation and including everyone else in the practice.
Kristine W.
Everyone one has been very nice & takes their time with me. Never feel rushed. Coming to the Frederick office has been awesome close to me & the office seems really organized I hardly have to wait more than a few minutes!
The staff from tge folks tgat answer phones to tge front desk to tge nurses physicians assists are so polite professional and caringDoctor Rao is AMAZING in 25 years of pain management I have NEVER found such great skilled caring and professional doctors as doctor Rao and doctor'B'What can be said about medical professionals tgat really care about tge patientsWhat a great experienceBeen a patient for 3 years would NOT even contemplate going anywhere else
Linda W.
Great people to talk .and deal will help out with anything you need
Kim D.
The staff are great. The medical Director Dr. Rao is great as well! The staff is very understanding and shows a lot of compassion for their patients. Samantha, the nurse practitioner is great. I love her.! Jordan and Alex are great as well. I feel very comfortable here. It’s like my second family I could talk to them about anything they’re always there for me when I need them.
Sage S.
Dr jay is a very nice person he help me with my pain and I love having him for my doctor
Mark J.
Intake coordinator was just wonderful, I didn't get her name, but it was June 20th, at 3:45. Very cordial and friendly. My visit with Samantha was great, as always. She is very thorough covering everything pertaining to my health and managing my pain. She is on vacation next month, which she definitely is deserving of. I am going to see Dr. B. next month, which I have a good rapport with.
Kirk B.
Very Friendly place. Problems with prescriptions are corrected in a timely manner.
Tanja R.
They are always welcoming and wonderful and take the time to listen to me if my pain/migraines are worse or better and to check if there are any new medications or issues
Q3011788 B
Dr Orchid is so nice. She listens,she advises. I'm really glad I met her. She's great really.
Fariborz M.
Finally visiting a medical team who values patients time and don’t let the patient waiting in exam room. Thank you for being professional.
I am new to the practice as of Jan ‘23. The Frederick staff are at the top of their game.I have been a patient of Dr Patel’s for years. (I was with him at his last practice). Dr. Patel is phenomenal with injections and ablations in my back and neck. He always listens to my concerns and works hard to meet my needs. Dr Patel, Erin and Steven are professional, compassionate and excellent.
Sam S.
Samantha and the entire team at the Frederick Location are absolutely amazing. I have been seen at multiple different locations and the level of service that the Frederick Staff provides is like no other. They don’t push services on you, they listen, but most importantly they genuinely care about their patients. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do.
Jaron C.
I had the best experience with the receptionist Alex from the Hagerstown office. She's gone above and beyond to help me. I'd like to thank her and say she's exceptional. I appreciate her kindness and attention to my situation.
Sally F.
Impressed by efficiency and kindness of the staff. Also that the PAs listened to the back problems I described and outlined various ways they could be addressed. I was impressed by their concern.
Mary M.
The clinical and administrative staff are professional.
Awesome staff. I'm treated like a person, not just a statistic that lives in pain. I highly recommend this spine and pain clinic.
Crystal K.
Best Pain Management I have been to in years. The entire staff seems to actually care! My doctor not only cared about managing my care but investigating why I was in pain! I have several severe chronic issues. This place was great from my very first appointment! I don't usually give 5 stars but they deserve it! Pain mngmnt has been a struggle for a few years now. They addressed my concerns and issues day one!!
Eugenia Gunn (.
Dr.B n his staff are very friendly n very helpful
James F.
Great place friendly and very helpful!
Brenda H.
Awesome people . Great care.
Tracey C.
My sister doctors here and I’ve never heard her say a bad thing about the place or staff! Brand new facility, very clean. The doctors take time to listen to your concerns and are very helpful.

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