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Pain and Spine Specialists we encourage patient feedback to better improve your experience. We strive to create a friendly and warm environment where patients feel their voices are heard and validated. 

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ken M.
17:34 28 Mar 23
Dr Sam Wulf is so patient and never rushed through my visit.
Micki L.
16:10 28 Mar 23
I have had good and bad experiences here.It all depends who you get as your provider.That being said, they are more willing to help than any other pain management office I’ve ever been to and that means the world to me.Dr. Ghandi in particular is one of the few doctors I’ve ever met that truly understands and empathizes with the rare condition I live with. (EDS, RLS, MCAS)He helps me to think outside of the box to find solutions to my pain. For example when I had a rare and severe reaction to an injection he gave me he didn’t gaslight me like most doctors would. He listened and explained and helped me come up with a plan. He was also readily available to speak to the ER when I went in after my injection.They do medications as well as injections and procedures here so it’s a one stop shop.I do feel bad when they change policy in a blanket manner for all patients based on pressure from the DEA not allowing them to do their job as they see fit, and also due to shortages of certain medications.I feel it should be up to the patient to try to find a pharmacy that has what they need in stock - rather than the office telling all patients, in a blanket manner, that their meds have to be reduced due to a shortage that the patient themselves has never seen or experienced.So definitely some pros and cons, but absolutely by far the best office I have been so far (and I experience a lot of pain a lot of the time due to my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome so that says a lot).One other major con - often this office is unreachable during office hours. Not just this office. I’ve had emergencies before where I called every one of their roughly 10 locations and not a single one answered the phone. They need a line for emergencies that guarantees you can get a hold of them if necessary or that if in the ER you can give them.I do recommend this practice!And thank you Dr. Gandhi for making me feel seen and heard.
George L.
15:57 28 Mar 23
Living with the F.
14:53 28 Mar 23
Everyone is always so pleasant and kind I love it there
Bobby A.
12:43 28 Mar 23
My only pain management professionals. Despite having severe pain around the coccyx between appropritiate levels of pain meds and a spinal stimulator implant I am in 70% less pain and feel stable. I strongly recommend them. They have several locations in order to be as convenient as possible.
Nancy S.
22:31 27 Mar 23
Very pleasant experience from the lady at the front desk, to the female medical assistant, to the nurse practitioner whose name is Lindsey.I had always visited the Mount Airy Office, whichhas always been a pleasant experience. But, now, at my age, I will continue visiting the Frederick office which is a much shorter drive.I have had wonderful care and a very good experience with both groups.Thanks to all,Nancy Seiler
Robert B. Mt A.
21:23 27 Mar 23
Awesome! Kind, caring and helpful
Gregg T.
20:37 27 Mar 23
Everyone was pleasant and easy to talk with. All very professional and even with computer snafu's, pleasant.
Ruthann N.
20:35 27 Mar 23
I receive excellent care at every visit. They listen and help You manage Your pain.
20:33 27 Mar 23
very nice people working there. Fast don’t have to wait long at all. very Pleasant.
Uriel C.
18:04 27 Mar 23
Everyone there is very nice and efficient.
sondra W.
17:44 27 Mar 23
First time there and they were pretty quick
Karen A.
17:33 27 Mar 23
I been having lots of pain from my nerve burn in back Dr said all what to do.She was great
Zachary L.
17:01 27 Mar 23
The best office of doctors and nurses and staff I am proud further to keep me healthy
Tony T.
16:16 27 Mar 23
Great folks. Office staff is awesome, super friendly and accommodating. Doctors are great. Really helpful and answer any questions you may have.
Paul D.
21:58 26 Mar 23
Wery happy with the whole operation
shelly H.
00:56 26 Mar 23
Dr Gandhi is fantastic. I am very comfortable talking to him. He listens and explains things to where I understand.
Vince N.
11:56 25 Mar 23
They always take time to listen to me. It's never been about a time slot and they are compassionate.
Glenda C.
01:04 25 Mar 23
The staff there are excellent they are all very nice and very professional but they are also down to earth
Jamie R.
21:40 24 Mar 23
Office staff and doctors are all so kind and caring eager to help great atmosphere.
Derrick J.
17:44 24 Mar 23
Dr N was absolutely great
Brandy N.
17:27 24 Mar 23
The whole staff is very caring and actually listen to your problems and concerns
William S.
17:12 24 Mar 23
My Doctor "Tim Jones" does his best and understands my problems.I give him 5 stars. The best.
Jennifer Sterbutzel is great, thourough and caring. Definitely an asset to PASSPA!
Patty H.
13:05 24 Mar 23
I can't believe that I actually feel great . Thanks to the care that I get from the Pain and Spine specialist and doctor Jeremiah, I'm walking without a cane now and going to LA fitness for the first time in 10 years.I also see my physical therapist, At. Diamond physical therapist Twice a week and I am also strengthening my body well.I can't thank the Payment and Spine specialist group for leading me in the right direction, and I am thankful.
Stephanie R.
01:32 24 Mar 23
The staff is very professional every time I have been there. The doctor listens to me.
sheila H.
23:51 23 Mar 23
I am always treated with kindness . My Dr always asks if I have questions and takes his time to answer them always looking at me , instead of his charts or clip board . I always feel very comfortable when I go and always treated with respect and concern with my condition . I know that I’m slow , use a cane to walk , and it’s a wonderful feeling that the staff is so understanding .
Nancy P.
22:35 23 Mar 23
A great place to go to when you’re dealing with pain, they go out of their way to help you.
Charles B.
21:50 23 Mar 23
The staff is awesome always friendly and caring
John B.
21:24 23 Mar 23
Love this place. Best care in the world. Everybody is so nice to me. 100% the best!
Tim W.
20:08 23 Mar 23
Pleasant experience every visit.Dr. B and Dr. Patel are who I see most frequently and I give them both two thumbs up.
Thomas D.
18:34 23 Mar 23
Great job always on time and never any problems
Pablo E.
17:42 23 Mar 23
The Dr there has always done me right! I lost where he was for about a year but I'm so glad I found him because out of all the Dr's over the last 30 years of pain he has by far helped me the most!!
Dekan 8.
15:57 23 Mar 23
Dr. Jeremiah Altman has been an amazing for my physical and mental well being. He has made it possible for me to live a far more comfortable life. The pain that I was in on a daily basis was tormenting. He has helped guide me through all of my struggles and limitations. Thank you so very much!
Patricia S.
14:38 23 Mar 23
Iv been going there for 3years and every one there is so nice and the Drs there work with you for your pain Samantha is very nice and she is really good she works with you to help your pain all the Drs are very good I would not want to go to any other place thank you for working with me to help with my pain
Yvonne C.
22:09 22 Mar 23
Excellent care as always! I’m so excited that Orchid ordered massages with this round of pt (it’s the little things 🤗) I’m coming up on 3 years here and I’ve never had an unpleasant visit!
Tammy S.
19:32 22 Mar 23
I like it here.People working here are very nice and helpful.Doctors are very curtious with each patient.
Linda G.
18:26 22 Mar 23
Seen in a very timely manner. Always ready to assist with your pain. Very understanding. Would highly recommend
Deborah F.
17:59 22 Mar 23
Each person I have to deal are wonderful. I really can't say enough about their kind friendly manners. It's a good experience every time I go.
Jennifer G.
17:37 22 Mar 23
Been with PASSPA since they took over for DNA. Jeremiah has been great with me and always takes the time needed. Highly recommend
Rilan H.
17:37 22 Mar 23
Cindy is absolutely amazing she cares and takes time to make sure all questions are answered and you’re treated with care and respect
Elaine B.
16:45 22 Mar 23
Everyone was so nice and seemed to really care.
Mary C.
16:35 22 Mar 23
Visit was very quick and efficient. Was taken in and seen by the PA within 20 minutes and boys out the door in the next 10 minutes. Staff extremely helpful and friendly.
Teri H.
16:33 22 Mar 23
They always take very good care of my husband and give him exceptional care. Thank you to all of the amazing staff at the Pleasant Hills office. ❤️
M L.
14:12 22 Mar 23
Willing to work with patients finding what works best for their situation. Knows that pain is subjective what is a 7 for me could be a 4 for someone else.
scott W.
02:04 22 Mar 23
The best!! Always thinking outside the box!!
Joe H.
00:49 22 Mar 23
Jeremiah is the best. Thank you.
Deborah F.
18:13 21 Mar 23
Pain & Spine specialists of Md are outstanding their doctors care about their patients and are very knowledgeableThe Nurses as well take their time and listenThe staff is always ready and eager to assist you to make your appointment go smoothly. They don’t let you leave unhappy they find ways to help levitate your pain. They never give up on a person!I highly recommend seeing them if you have any type of nerve damage or chronic pain.
Kristina C.
17:34 21 Mar 23
Because of work, I’ve been seen at a few of their offices. The staff and doctors at Connelsville, Bridgeville, and the Washington locations are all great. They’re knowledgeable, kind, and respectful. My only complaint is I wish they had evening and/or early start times and Saturday hours. Unless you work afternoon or night shifts, it is extremely difficult to go to appointments twice a month. It caused attendance issues. Even if each location had one day a week working 6am-6pm or 7am-7pm and one or two Saturdays a month to accommodate the patients with jobs would be amazing and very much appreciated.
ben K.
15:04 21 Mar 23
Great place treat me right
Grace D.
12:19 21 Mar 23
Great place to go for care
Holly M.
22:34 20 Mar 23
I see Jay. Not only does he listen to you but he cares. Best experience I’ve had. Would recommend highly!
Sherry C.
21:31 20 Mar 23
I saw Samantha and Jordan and Drew. I forget who the MA name was. All great interactions. And they hooked me up with knee braves to go with my back brace. ♡
Lisa H.
21:15 20 Mar 23
Everyone helpful , kind and understanding.
Robin T.
19:36 20 Mar 23
The doctors and staff are excellent here. I never had a problem here.
Tina M.
18:42 20 Mar 23
I truly feel understood of the pain and other symptoms related to my diagnosis. They really do care.
Penny R.
17:48 20 Mar 23
The provider is wonderful and the staff is great!! I would definitely recommend this office
Shawna B.
17:35 20 Mar 23
Everyone is so friendly, and professional.
Pam T.
16:42 20 Mar 23
I have the best doctor I could ever ask for. Dr. Ghandi cares and he shows it. He has a great personality and bedside manner.
Valerie H.
16:22 20 Mar 23
Best Dr ever. They listen and try to help
Stella S.
12:49 20 Mar 23
The receptionist and intake staff are very professional and kind. The nurse were great and so was the medical assisted
Sharonl C.
22:33 18 Mar 23
Friendly, informative, empathetic,knowledgeable, and competent.
Mary W.
18:05 18 Mar 23
Dr. Gandhi is very compassionate and does a great job. He really cares about his patients!
Michele V.
17:37 18 Mar 23
They are the best. They listen listen listen about everything and anything. Very helpful, patient and very considerate. They take your pain very seriously.
Ritchie B.
13:40 18 Mar 23
I have been with Dr. Gandhi for 2 years by far the best.
Theresa R.
23:44 17 Mar 23
I have now been with Dr. B for 15 years. He is the most caring Doctor’s I have ever been to! Dr. B makes you feel very comfortable at all times. I would not want to go to any other Doctor. Now I go to the Hagerstown location, everyone is very nice and kind! They make u feel very comfortable.
Kay M.
22:41 17 Mar 23
I am so happy with the treatment I have received at Pain & Spine.Jeremiah has been professional, well informed & listens to my concerns.Dr Ghandi is such a treasure. He helps me deal with my pain & fears of treatment. His helper, Alisha, is great.I am very pleased with the staff and my treatmentGrateful
Amy W.
21:42 17 Mar 23
Very pleasant, helpful, staff that actually DO care about your quality of life. I would recommend this practice to anyone dealing with chronic pain issues.
Jim T.
21:34 17 Mar 23
Kind - experienced in their occupation-I have a great Doctor and I've never seen so many pretty ladies in one place. Very professional and get to the reason for your pain.I highly recommend Pain & Spine Specialist
Catherine J.
20:35 17 Mar 23
Waited for dr to come in upon his arrival was in there and out of there for quick results
Sheila M.
19:11 17 Mar 23
I love the people that work there...very friendly & treat clients very professionally...thank you pain& spine... I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND Pain & Spine Specialists
Bruce S.
17:18 17 Mar 23
Very nice staff. Nice modern office.Dr Patel is great. I like his approach of not just going straight to surgery and trying the less invasive treatment course first.
Carroll U.
21:58 16 Mar 23
I've seen Dr Jeremiah now for quite some time him and his team are very courteous and know what they're doing I feel very comfortable there and he has helped me very tremendously
Pete K.
21:32 16 Mar 23
Excellent care. Jeremiah is very intelligent and compassionate. He takes the time to listen and understand your concerns, and works with you towards a solution.
melissa V.
20:00 16 Mar 23
My experience with all doctors and PAs has been exceptional. Not just because of the trmts I have had, which have been much more comfortable for me, therefore minimizing any anxiety I have felt on the day of certain trmts. They all show compassion; they treat me as an individual and with dignity.
Zara_TheHybridWolf 8.
16:43 16 Mar 23
I love going to the doctor there very knowledgeable very helpful staff is fantastic I'm not crazy about going to the doctors I've seen too many but it is actual joy to come here
darrick newman S.
16:35 16 Mar 23
I really love going Every month because the doctor that I have she's really good and she helps you out To make you Feel better She tries to put you in the right direction I really like going To see Miss Samantha every month
Jody S.
16:34 16 Mar 23
Friendly staff. Dr. Altman is always a pleasure to work with and is very thorough in helping diagnose your pain. Been a patient for several years and very happy with them.
Jenn R.
16:32 16 Mar 23
Great Doctors, Staff, etc.Everyone is so nice & friendly in the Jefferson Hills office.
23:54 15 Mar 23
Wait time is minimal and people today were pleasant
Echo J.
22:38 15 Mar 23
I absolutely have to say this is the Best staff and Dr I have ever seen yet by far!!! They are always willing to answer any questions or address any concerns. They get to know each and every patient personally. They always have a wonderful attitude . I have to say even though I may not like going to this Dr because of my own body's condition, he works hard to help each patient and doesn't let your medical insurance interfere with him doing everything he can to help you dealing with your pain . They go above and beyond in order to improve your quality of life.!! I have a lot of pain and issues and yes I would recommend him to each and everyone of you!!!
16:54 15 Mar 23
I've been going to this office for a couple years now.Love Dr. Hites and all the staff!!Thank you!
Cheryl G.
16:12 15 Mar 23
Doctors and Staff all have a Heart of Gold! Very personable. They listen to what I have to say and go above and beyond to make me want to come back. Awesome!
15:46 15 Mar 23
I was very pleased with the people I talked to there and the doctor.I have no complaints about anything.
Deborah P.
00:57 15 Mar 23
I really enjoyed my appointment Samantha
Chester R.
00:14 15 Mar 23
Pain & Spine specialist in Greensburg has a very nice staff ,well informed and shen there are problems of any type ,they do their best to resolve them as Quickly as possible .I’ve been a patient for a number of years and I’ve always been treated with kindness and respect ,would recommend to any seeking help for their pain .
Gary U.
23:25 14 Mar 23
Dr Gandhi, he’s the man,,, if he can’t fix ya, nobody can!!
Ben S.
22:51 14 Mar 23
PASS has given me a new lease on life. I almost wanted to give up. The staff and nurses are amazing and fair...the Dr's are honest, listen, and top of the class. I can't recommend it more.
Sean L.
21:32 14 Mar 23
Always great doctors and staff. Great listening to any issues or problems,.
duanyele C.
20:39 14 Mar 23
Staff is pleasant doctors are pleasant they listen to you
Renee L.
17:44 14 Mar 23
Great place with people who care about you !!!
Arthur B.
17:34 14 Mar 23
Jeremiah is a number 1 for pain management keep up the wonderful job
Kim G.
16:33 14 Mar 23
Dr. Gregory height is the best
Rebecca K.
16:33 14 Mar 23
All staff is very helpful and very friendly and the doctors take time to with you and answer any questions,they really are here to make sure you get the care you need
Kenneth L.
01:07 14 Mar 23
Love the people working there so friendly and helpful.
LynnAnne G.
00:35 14 Mar 23
Everybody there is knowledgeable and nice and seem caring!
Lisa M.
21:24 13 Mar 23
The staff is always polite,the drs are definitely involved in your progress and setbacks, very clean, Patients also receive their notes from their visits to look over through text messages, after you’ve signed up. I highly recommend.
17:38 13 Mar 23
Sam always is nice and listens
Mark D.
17:38 13 Mar 23
Washington Office - More than satisfied with the service. Very friendly and professional.
doorles 2
15:35 13 Mar 23
Dr. Is very friendly and asks questions takes his time answering your questions and the staff is friendly
Michael R.
15:33 13 Mar 23
I've been a patient for a while now and they always try to help me. The staff is great
Tyrone L.
21:17 12 Mar 23
Doctors and staff are courteous and respectful
Teresa F.
15:43 12 Mar 23
Caring compassionate and understanding. And they take time to listen.
Juanita N.
21:53 10 Mar 23
Great the Dr Gandi is wonderful as is the staff.
Colin G.
18:58 10 Mar 23
This clinic is the best I have ever been to the dr takes the time to listen and so does the rest of the staff
Rosalyn C.
15:22 10 Mar 23
They are always caring and professional.
Vanessa R.
13:27 10 Mar 23
They always treat me kindly and with respect I’m never looked down upon for struggling with chronic pain
Tonia L.
03:24 10 Mar 23
My doctor is great and everyone there is very nice great place to go very helpful
Dom D.
00:57 10 Mar 23
My visit was pleasant excellent well performedThank You
Michael L.
23:38 09 Mar 23
I want to give a big thanks to Orchid Mesias for being attentive and helpful with my situation and including everyone else in the practice.
Linda C.
23:31 09 Mar 23
The staff at Connellsville are always through and friendly and willing to discuss and explain my issues and answer all my questions. I would highly recommend them.
Diana W.
23:10 09 Mar 23
I just love the pain and spine specialist, they spend time with you answer your questions go over everything with you they are fantastic
Brenda G.
23:07 09 Mar 23
These people are absolutely amazing from the front desk to the back
Becky L.
22:35 09 Mar 23
I love how the doctors take time to hear me out and explain everything in a language I can understand they never push anything on me and that makes me feel good if it's something I don't want they say ok let's look at other options they never say no let's do this first and see how that works they always listen to my concerns and that is hard to find in a doctor highly recommended them for sure
Helen B.
22:34 09 Mar 23
Love the staff and the Dr. Needs to be people like these guys. They take my issues seriously.
Chara D.
22:31 09 Mar 23
The staff and Dr are all great. Can't say anything about the Pas other than Jeremiah he is so caring as the Dr also. Would send anyone to them great bunch of people.
Amy H.
21:04 09 Mar 23
Everyone that I have had any contact with from the receptionists to the assistants to the doctors have been pleasant to talk to. They are helpful, knowledgeable and caring. It's hard to find a doctor where the entire staff is such a pleasure to interact with. I would recommend them to anyone that has chronic pain.
Julie C.
19:24 09 Mar 23
Everyone treats you with respect and listen to your concerns.
Lina D.
19:09 09 Mar 23
Everyone is always so kind and helpful. Dr. Orchid and Dr. Rao are always helpful and receptive to feedback. Truly enjoy being a patient here.
terry H.
16:32 09 Mar 23
I am a patient at the Washington office. The nursing staff are Very pleasant and helpful. The drs are really nice and caring (Dr Kline).I would recommend this pain clinic.
Dave D (Dave D.
15:48 09 Mar 23
This is a very good place to go for any pain that you have. The Doctors and staff are great. The Doctors work closely with you to make sure your treatments work very well.
Marshall B.
05:17 09 Mar 23
This place is amazing. I finally found a doctor who listens and understands my issues. I have been going there for over 2 years and I am very happy with the increase of the quality of life they gave me.
carla S.
22:11 08 Mar 23
The staff is always respectful and friendly. The rooms and surrounding facilities are very clean. The doctors communicate well and make sure you understand their instructions. Its not just medication they do have other options for pain. I would recommend this office.
Niki S.
21:42 08 Mar 23
Extremely nice people great experience and pretty fast also
Linda L.
20:44 08 Mar 23
Very nice people! Dr Cabantog very nice and easy to talk to. Good experience.
Florence B.
18:29 08 Mar 23
Friendly staff and Jeremiah listens to your concerns and thoughts on your care.
Norene P.
17:53 08 Mar 23
Excellent pain and spine facility! I've been to several that were not much more than drug dealers and PASS is the real thing. Very professional, no raising doses to hit quotas, regular testing to insure patients are not abusing any services. Don't even come here if you don't want to get better - this is a legitimate doctor's program, always looking to help their patients.3/23 Update. While they have had massive expansion, it's all been to be able to help patients - even a surgical facility! I stand by the above, still. Just be sure you have insurance. They bill extremely high, so you need insurance to make the rates reasonable. Sorry, PASS, but you know it's true. Self-pay is not a true option, unless there is something I don't know, which is possible.
pam& Alex S.
17:03 08 Mar 23
Great office / runs smoothly and staff is friendly and helpful
Kelly D.
15:45 08 Mar 23
Dr. Gandhi is by far the best doctor I have ever had. Would highly recommend him to anyone. I do not know what my husband and I would do without him.
Julie K.
04:43 08 Mar 23
My experience with the Pain & Spine Specialists has been very good. The doctors, nurses, and staff are very friendly.
Patty Sheppard D.
02:03 08 Mar 23
I appreciate the patience they show me when I'm there. The staff are all wonderful n very friendly n there's never a long wait to see the Dr.
Tracy R.
01:16 08 Mar 23
The MOST Compassionate Doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He finds the root/reason you are feeling pain. NOT a pill pusher.THE GREENSBURG OFFICE514 Pellis Rd, .....NOT THE OTHER GREENSBURG OFFICE.....!!!!!!!!
Magdalene T.
20:54 07 Mar 23
Dr. B and the staff are really nice and patientthey take their time to really listen and work with you regardless of the process they have to go through.
Delores M.
12:35 07 Mar 23
The staff is very professional and thorough each time i go. The Dr. Is thorough, and i never feel rushed
char M.
09:03 07 Mar 23
great place for pain management..Jeremiah is very knowledgeable and understanding of your pain and will do the best he can for you to help control your pain so you can live a better quality of life
Darla D.
05:49 07 Mar 23
I have nothing but good things to say about Pain and Spine. They have helped me immensely in the past and are continuing to help me. I have been in chronic pain for my entire adult life, I am 53, and I have been through hell and back. I am finally receiving help to keep me stable thanks to the professional and friendly staff. I highly recommend them.
Evelyn N.
02:38 07 Mar 23
I felt the staff was great. They engaged me as soon as I walked in the office. We shared a few laughs whichmade me feel more at ease. The provider, as well as the other staff, were professional and empathetic to my situation.
Kimberly H.
23:53 06 Mar 23
Thank you so very much for taking the time to explain everything to me! Fantastic care, with tons of compassion!
Donna Z.
23:23 06 Mar 23
The ladies behind desk are Great and make every visit pleasant😊
Ginny P.
22:31 06 Mar 23
Dr B and staff are wonderful! I have not had this little pain in over ten years
Ann L.
18:41 06 Mar 23
Professional and a caring Staff, latest technology for successful, safe procedures. Doctors that listen to what you say and take the time to explain your options. A clean friendly environment.
Deb S.
17:37 06 Mar 23
PASS is great! My initial apt there, they got me in quickly when Wellspan was going to take me 2 mos to be seen. PASS treated me. Ordered a MRI asap, and also treated me with meds and topical compounded ointments. They are super nice and take the time to explain and listen to the patient. Cathy Hays is awesome! I would highly recommend PASS!!!
S D.
17:36 06 Mar 23
Dr Ghandi and his team have taken excellent care of me and my health, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, if it wasn’t for them. Sam, and the clinical staff are amazing! They are soo busy, but the whole staff stop and really listen! i feel fortunate that they are my support team for my injuries… I cant stress enough how much i appreciate how kind and nice the staff is at Pain & Spine Specialists.
Tracy B.
17:20 06 Mar 23
Excellent experience as always. Everyone there are so polite and professional.
Valerie M.
16:35 06 Mar 23
Everyone is always very helpful and kind.
Tiffany C.
16:10 06 Mar 23
I love Dr Madan. He is truly understanding and cares about his patients. Not only about their medical conditions but what’s personally going on with them. He’s my favorite!! I feel seen and not every is capable of that.
Lisa H.
17:57 04 Mar 23
Wonderful place, everyone is so nice. I see Samantha. She is great. She explained how they work, asked questions about my issues and what I'm doing, then came up with a plan for me. When she told me that sometimes the answer isn't more medicine, but rather something simple that makes life (or sleep) easier, I knew I was in the right place. She prescribed patches and a cream compound THAT WORK. And if I can't get to the apothecary, they send them to me. How easy is that?!!?
Steve B.
22:37 03 Mar 23
Orchid is the nicest nurse I think I ever met , fantastic 😊 . Everybody was nice . Appointment was on time. Very nice visit.
Sherry R.
22:07 03 Mar 23
I like seeing Jermiah because he is always willing to help and come up with alternative solutions to deal with pain.
Shirley C.
21:39 03 Mar 23
They are all very nice to me all the time
20:48 03 Mar 23
Great place. They get you in and out fast. Best of all everyone is very pleasant and they listen and care about you.Best doc office I have ever been to and I've been to a lot.
tona M.
20:41 03 Mar 23
As I age I find it harder to go without pain. Dr Jeremiah and the nurses listen to my symptoms and help me deal with the pain. Chronic pain is no joke. I feel I am living the best life possible with the guidance of my Doctors at Pain and Spine.
Linda P.
19:56 03 Mar 23
Dr. Altman is very caring and listens to you. I felt abandoned by my last doctor, when I started seeing Dr. Altman. I feel very lucky getting such a fine doctor.
Dana P.
18:24 03 Mar 23
I love Dr. Wolf and all the nurses are so pleasant to talk to. They are always there to help if you need something called in or anything
Tammy S.
18:14 03 Mar 23
This staff is the absolute bestThey listen and help in every way possible
Gordon M.
18:09 03 Mar 23
Great organization, top to bottom. I don’t know how I’d cope, without Dr. Rao and Dr. B!
James C.
00:11 03 Mar 23
The wait is not long & the staff are so nice & friendly ⭐️
17:14 02 Mar 23
Everyone working in this office is very professional. I highly recommend Jeremiah Altman. He listens to you and treats you with respect.
Brandy W.
22:57 01 Mar 23
Everyone there treats me with the respect I deserve and I give them the same respect. Jeremiah is always pleasant and helpful he always tries to help you and come up with options that best help you. I have been going here over six years.
Kathy S.
22:36 01 Mar 23
Always a pleasant visit. Never really a wait. People a nice.
Thomm J.
22:33 01 Mar 23
They are so patient. They not only know what they are doing, but they also listen to you and try to really understand your lifestyle so that they can correctly give you the services that you need. Thank you for listening and understanding.
Joni C.
22:24 01 Mar 23
My experience w/J Altman at P&SS has been positive over the almost 3 yrs I’ve been seen by the practice. He is informative and will discuss any issues you may be having. The staff is now friendly, efficient, and helpful. My only complaint is having to be seen every month for med follow-ups, as I live some distance from the clinic (even though it’s the closest one to my home). I’m not sure if this is a practice requirement or federal regulation but it would help to stretch it out to six weeks considering the cost of gas, etc. I highly recommend J Altman to any prospective pain patients for their treatments and meds.
Jeffrey K.
21:46 01 Mar 23
Great service. Great people. I would highly recommend the Pain and Spine Specialists.
Nancy S.
21:38 01 Mar 23
Easy to get Appt. Great Doctors! Been a patient for many years
Dawn M.
22:42 28 Feb 23
I just started with them. Everyone was so nice and very understanding and compassionate. I think I found a place to finally help my back problems!
shawn B.
21:21 28 Feb 23
They listen and are fair the dr. at pleasant hills is great 8 years and finally I live since I have been going there.....
Brad S.
20:40 28 Feb 23
They have changed my life. I am so grateful to them for helping ease my everyday pain.
Bob R.
20:11 28 Feb 23
I always have a great experience with the Washington, Pa. Office. Always pleasant and helpful. To me they are life saver I don’t know what I would do without them!
Roger S.
16:49 27 Feb 23
The best and the doctors and staff are incredibly grateful to all of them thank you
Charlie La B.
16:32 27 Feb 23
No issues, a Doctor appt.
Heather A.
21:34 25 Feb 23
They really try to help you any way they can
Diane D.
20:11 25 Feb 23
Pleasant staff Doctor WAS very thorough compationate.
Danielle Z.
21:33 24 Feb 23
The doctors and staff here are amazing. Everyone is so kind and really help you feel at ease. They listen to you, which when you are in chronic pain, goes such a long way. They don’t write you off, they really help you. I don’t live in Mt. Airy, but i make the drive because the doctors and staff are worth it. I highly recommend this place to anyone with chronic pain. They have been amazing.
Donnie Y.
00:59 24 Feb 23
I love how they take the time to talk to the patient and explain stuff to them and they treat everybody with respect. They get you in and out in a promptly manner. And after the MRIs they got to the bottom of my issues very quickly. Would highly recommend Dr. Gandhi
Jackie K.
20:33 23 Feb 23
Dr Cabantog and his staff are wonderful. For the first time in almost 3 years of excruciating pain, I have hope that he can help me. Thank you seems inadequate.
Gary R
19:30 23 Feb 23
Very friendly staff, Doctor is always very courteous and attentive to your needs. Extremely professional.
18:44 23 Feb 23
Dr Jay is a very conscientious and courteous doctor! He never rushes my appointments. He’s very sympathetic and totally understands how pain is how it feels and what the patient going through. He always gives great suggestions and is a great ear to listen ! If we could have more doctors like Dr Jay this world would be a much better place !
Amber C.
04:12 23 Feb 23
Staff are wonderful and so nice and polite. They take wonderful care of you during procedures. Doctor Gandhi is honest and to the point and tells you like it is and a good pain doctor.
Mich L.
23:39 22 Feb 23
This office has changed my life so far and I'm still on a journey of a surgery free, pain free life. I'm very sensitive to medical procedures and just healthcare in general. I get very anxious and nervous. Dr Ghandi and the team at pain and spine have made me feel more comfortable than any Dr office I've been to over the course of 17ish years navigating arthritis (as a person diagnosed at a young age). I've cried multiple times in their office and never once did they make me feel bad or judge me for my reactions. My pain has improved due to their care along with months of physical therapy. I hope to be kayaking and riding my bike well into my 50s thanks to this level of treatment. Highly recommend.
21:21 22 Feb 23
Best drs & staff in the whole Pittsburgh area.
19:42 22 Feb 23
Always friendly and very helpful
Joseph D.
18:28 22 Feb 23
Very courteous and understanding!
Kimberly F.
16:43 22 Feb 23
The doctor is very busy, yet willing to spend time to listen to his patients about their concerns. I've been a patient for several years and they've taken good care of me. If you have chronic pain this is the place to go.
Walter C.
13:52 22 Feb 23
Great staff very friendly and helpful and Dr. Altman is fantastic!!
Stephanie W.
13:39 22 Feb 23
The office staff and nurses are wonderful and the doctor is always on time. This is one of the best doctors offices I have ever been to! Thank you so much.
Big L.
23:45 21 Feb 23
Overall a great atmosphere, very welcoming and attentive staff. Not the typical stuffy doctor office. Highly recommended.
Darin B.
22:35 21 Feb 23
This place is awesome! from the staff in the front to the staff in the back I recommend this place to everyone!
David S.
21:26 21 Feb 23
Nice environment. Nice doctors. They very concerned for what you go threw with your pain...
Liz D.
19:09 21 Feb 23
I have had nothing but wonderful experiences since beginning treatment at PASS. Everyone - receptionists, nurses, and my nurse practitioner Isaac have been terrific, good listeners and really pay attention to my overall health. Isaac had me talk to Dr. Rao about a procedure I was going to have, and Dr. Rao explained it very clearly, answered my questions and allayed my fears. I just had the procedure done yesterday by Dr. B and it was quick and not uncomfortable. I feel I am finally in good hands at PASS and that my quality of life is the best it can be. /Update on 1/4/2022 - I would like to add that my nurse practitioner, Ester, is a wonderful addition to PASS for me. She listens and responds to any concerns I have and is very respectful and responsive about those concerns. I feel a great deal of mutual trust and respect from her, and always leave the office feeling that she is looking out for me and providing me the best “quality of life” measures that she can. I feel safe and well-treated as one of her patients.
Diane H.
17:50 21 Feb 23
Jeremiah is the best. He is the friendliest and caring doctor. He always listens to my complaints and respects my needs. The staff is always nice too!
Patricia F.
17:06 21 Feb 23
If you are experience long term pain, you MUST visit Pain and Spine specialist. Caring staff and Dr Gandhi is the best in both administering the shot and listening to your concerns.
cheri A.
23:55 20 Feb 23
I just love are efficient and no wait time and I love my Dr. And the convenance of the Rockville location.. except pay for parking but I am usually in and out before I have to pay..... overall it's a great experience... thankyou to the whole staff!Cheryl
Kim J.
23:34 20 Feb 23
Everyone at this office is nice and treats u well. Samantha is wonderful she listens to u and helps with all my problems. I highly recommend this place
Kim G.
22:48 20 Feb 23
Today, Sam went into detail explaining why my medication had to be changed. She was very concerned about how the change would affect my Multiple Sclerosis. We discussed all the alternatives and tried to figure out the best solution for my situation.
Ricci C.
21:40 20 Feb 23
Staff friendly and helpful. Dr J listens to your issues and actually seems to care. Not like most Dr these days. Never seem to have a long wait.
21:34 20 Feb 23
I do believe this is the best place I’ve gone to since my problems started. I see Jay and he is patient, he listens to you. He’s just wonderful! Thanks to Pain & Spine Specialists for all you do!!
Thomas K.
21:07 20 Feb 23
Excellent service and great friendly staff
D N.
15:45 19 Feb 23
I have come to the practice for over 8 years. I drive from Loudoun County Virginia, over 1 hour to get to them. It is hard to find reputable spine and pain doctors. I was hurt in a head on auto accident and I have Multiple Sclerosis. All my other doctors are at Georgetown/Medstar. Pain and Spine Specialist of Maryland ARE the Best Doctors I have found on the East Coast!!Denise W.
William K.
22:46 18 Feb 23
Very good. Caring Staff. reasonable Wait times.
Sha H.
18:25 18 Feb 23
PASSPA Staff is very pleasant. The Doctor and their assistant listen carefully to their patients. I never have a long wait. They not only treat their patients but educate them regarding their treatment! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PASSPA!!!
Deborah C.
02:17 18 Feb 23
Took husband in for an injection in left hip. After looking over his report it was decided to give him one on each side. Very professional and it was over in a matter of minutes. Friendly staff and so helpful.
Art F.
02:05 18 Feb 23
Jeremiah was extremely professional and responsive! The office staff was polite and patient! Good experience!
Harry F.
21:36 17 Feb 23
They always treat you kind don’t have to worry at this particular one that they will smart with you treats you with nothing but respect and kindness every one in there
Coleen B.
13:47 17 Feb 23
These Doctors are the best I've ever had. They care,go above and beyond for patients, and have helped me more than any other Doctors ever have in the 27 years that I have been dealing with spinal issues! I recommend them to everyone I talk to that has chronic pain!
Jessica J.
04:31 17 Feb 23
I am a new patient and have been very pleased with Dr. ALTMAN and the care he has provided thus far. He listens and has not made me feel rushed, even though I have a lot of issues and concerns. He validated my concerns and offered solutions and/or alternate possibilities to try if need be. I feel heard and also like I am in good hands, which is not the norm for me as a chronic illness/chronic pain patient.If you legitimately need your pain addressed, I would definitely recommend this Dr .
Roland W.
02:36 17 Feb 23
Enjoyable. Not so many needles this time.
Emily S.
02:13 17 Feb 23
Todays visit went very well. My needs were heard, understood and rectified.
Lyubov Z.
00:20 17 Feb 23
I believe that this is a right place for people who need treatment for multiple problems. Doctor looking how to solve problems in a best way available.
john T.
00:12 17 Feb 23
Great people working here and care about you
Jen R.
22:37 16 Feb 23
Everyone is so nice and helpful. Dr. Jeremiah and Dr. Gandhi are great with listening and helping you get comfortable and pain free. I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain for five years and I finally agreed to do a spinal cord stimulator trial and I had amazing results with it, I am very pleased and can’t wait to get the real one put in!
Jeffrey C.
21:36 16 Feb 23
The staff and service was excellent, and in my opinion they were actually concerned about helping me understand just what was causing my pain and devising a plan to make me more comfortable and in less pain instead of just trying anything like an experiment. All in all I'm definitely glad that I found them.
Margret M.
21:32 16 Feb 23
very kind,respectful,understanding.
Lisa B.
20:58 16 Feb 23
Great took me in right on time and has helped me tremendously with my sciatica!!
Hope J.
19:33 16 Feb 23
I was in so much pain I had to get help dressing when I went in to get the injections. When I left I felt 100% better. My pain level was really 0.The staff is wonderful I could not say enough good stuff about them.I didn't have to wait. I didn't even I time to take my coat off and I was being called back.The shot does hurt but it is worth the pain.
Jerome H.
18:04 16 Feb 23
Love the place been there for ever. Nice staff and doctors 😉
T Lynn G.
21:31 15 Feb 23
I felt that I had someone who was listening to what was happening! This includes entire staff!
Vincent C.
19:46 15 Feb 23
I had excellent service the doctors were great the staff was great I'll give him five stars
Limelightinc L.
18:58 15 Feb 23
Wonderful people. They're always prompt and professional and they get to the root of your issues. I've been with them going on 8 years, I wouldn't dream about going anywhere else, unless it's one of their many locations they're opening.
17:38 15 Feb 23
Great team spirit and seedless and painless experience
lena C.
02:47 15 Feb 23
Samantha Wulf I see there and she is amazing she listens and went about getting my mri on my neck to figure the problem I like that she takes her time and don’t rush me outBut also the staff there is amazing so polite and friendly
Rosalind B.
22:33 14 Feb 23
My visits are always great. Every time I go for an appointment.
Randy B.
22:05 14 Feb 23
I have been going there for a good while. They are always nice. Jeremiah is great he listens to u. The only complaint would be the wait to get in.
Kathleen L.
21:42 14 Feb 23
My daughter Amy goes here and she has had more care/pain relief in 3 months than a prior treatment specialist of total misery for a year & a half.Recommend this group. 👍
Loretta H.
21:32 14 Feb 23
Very nice staff and understanding doctors.
jen H.
18:45 14 Feb 23
Wonderful staff, excellent care!
Linda B.
17:18 14 Feb 23
Everybody is welcoming and professional. The doctor takes the time to explain everything to you and helps with getting the help you need.
Raenell H.
05:06 14 Feb 23
Dr. Altman is the best doctor for my husband and I. He is very professional and attentive to our health concerns. His office is very clean and the staff is professional as well. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
First O.
20:33 13 Feb 23
Appts are usually on time and the staff is friendly. I'm happy with the care that I receive!
19:27 13 Feb 23
The professional staff of Pain and Spine Specialists of Maryland have my respect and gratitude for being so helpful, caring and understanding. They have a wealth of options to ease suffering from spine pain and the expertise to navigate the way. I highly recommend this all star team.
Michele C.
17:16 13 Feb 23
Friendly, knowledgeable staff
Josh C.
22:19 11 Feb 23
Dr Jeremiah has been awesome
Chrystal M.
18:04 11 Feb 23
I switched to Pain and Spine Specialist in April of 2022 after dealing with another pain clinic for 5 years and I couldn't have made a better decision. I see Dr. Sam at the Washington office. (Yes, it's so homey that it's all first name basis, makes you feel like a person not a number. I LOVE that!!!) Between the doctors and the staff, they're amazing! I couldn't ask for a better care team! They'll never get me to switch to another office! Sorry ladies, you're stuck with me😜
SherylMike B.
17:13 11 Feb 23
They are the absolute very best at managing every kind of pain. They have very best top doctors and staff!!!!
Rebecca K.
01:40 11 Feb 23
Everyone at PASS are wonderful and extremely helpful. The doctors are fantastic! They really want to help enhance everyone’s quality of health. It’s so nice going there because you know you are getting great care.
00:59 11 Feb 23
I like Pain and Spine. The staff are very nice. Your usually in and out pretty quick unless you need to take time out to discuss things with the doctor in which they do take the time to talk to you. They are more then willing to discuss different options if something is not working for you.... I have had other Dr's that would refuse to discuss changes. I plan on staying with Pain & Spine. I have no reason to switch to anyone else.
Ms A.
21:09 10 Feb 23
Samantha was very nice and listened to my rant about the government controling our meds.
Patty R.
16:39 10 Feb 23
I'm so glad I found this Pain & Spine clinic. The staff is super nice, caring and thorough. Dr. Nazaroff really listened to me and formulated a care plan that suits my needs. I would highly recommend Pain and Spine specialists of Maryland!!
Louis M.
14:35 10 Feb 23
Fantastic place. Appointments are on time. Dr Altman is the best. He listens to you understands your pain and does what’s necessary to control it. What more could you ask for a understanding doctor. He has kept my pain in check for years. If you’re looking for pain control Not pain pills Dr. Altman is the Man.
Antoinette D.
00:02 10 Feb 23
I found facility to be very clean and accessible. The front room staff were friendly, because I have some health issues, I was able to contact them. All messages were answered promptly and resolved satisfactorily. The procedure was performed by Dr. B who was excellent. I may need follow up procedures and I will certainly have it done at Elkridge.
Dave V.
21:35 09 Feb 23
They have taken great care of me and my pain from multiple surgeries some that haven’t turned out so well thanks pain&spine
Jackie C.
20:32 09 Feb 23
I had a wonderful experience they listened to me were very kind and spend as much time as was needed to help with my issues. Very satisfied the staff was polite and professional.
Leigh D.
16:53 09 Feb 23
I have suffered for almost 12 years with a bad back. 2 failed surgeries, basically a nightmare of living. I've been going to the gbg office since January and I have never been to more caring and compassionate doctors before. The staff are friendly and always willing to help. I see Jeremiah and he is incredible!!
brandon S.
23:33 08 Feb 23
Disappointed that I can no longer get my prescriptions at giant eagle. But other than that, a great visit
Paul K.
22:37 08 Feb 23
My wait was not long. The receptionist was very courtios. The gal who took my vitals was very pleasant and nice to chat with! The wait after the vitals was 30 min.... The meeting with the Doc went...ok but i feel i need a slight increase in my dosage and he wasnt for it... I am getting about a 50% decrease in my pain level.
Christina N.
21:41 08 Feb 23
Was in pain for months with no doctors willing to figure out why. Soon as I went here they ordered an MRI and a bunch of other tests to get to the bottom of it. Dr Gandhi is awesome and actually listens.
21:40 08 Feb 23
Love the staff, the Doctors and the location. I can proudly say they’ve saved my life a few times by the understanding, patience and know how to get me back on track. No regrets…..
Jackie F.
19:15 08 Feb 23
Everyone in the office was very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Gandhi was fabulous and I’m very pleased with how quick I was seen and how caring he is. I’m very thankful there are still doctors out there like him.
carrie S.
18:32 08 Feb 23
Have always had compassionate and professional care from the office!
Debbie L.
16:56 08 Feb 23
I've been coming here for some time now. Every visit, the Dictors, Nurse Practioners, And Staff are Amazing. They give you all the time you need, without rushing you like other doctors. I highly recommend PASS . On a scale , I most definitely give them a 10 😀
Elizabeth G.
21:42 07 Feb 23
Always nice and organized. The dr is very understanding and everyone is so kind. Also never have to wait
Zel P
21:35 07 Feb 23
The most thoughtful and helpful clinic out there. They go above and beyond to keep you up to date on health appointments, and use every bit of your insurances allowances to get you all the help and preventative care they can. They’ve helped me live comfortably again, going from dreading the pain in the morning and at night, to planning my next month in confidence. Jeremiah Altman’s practice should be the standard for clinical care.
Kit L.
21:18 07 Feb 23
I’ve always had a positive experience because the doctors really care, and discuss every avenue with me. The girls in the office and also the girls who see me just before the doctor comes in are all EXCELLENT. EVERYONE I’ve encountered who works there go above and beyond by just being so kind and I wish to thank them ALL for making my visits as good as they can be.
Cheryl S.
19:11 07 Feb 23
Everyone is very friendly and helpful just love Dr Olegario very good doctor and good bedside manners. Dr O explains everything and is very knowledgeable would recommend him to anyone. Just wish the service would help with the amount of fee they charge for drug screening tests and send them to a UPMC approved facility. Thank you
Wendy R.
18:02 07 Feb 23
I absolutely love Dr. Jeremiah Altman, he doesn't rush you, he is considerate, patient, and listens to you. It is refreshing to find a doctor that takes the time to do that these days.
James M. H.
02:05 07 Feb 23
I appreciate it the way they’ve been helping me it will deal with my pain better and they really listen to you. Describe your pain and they spend time with you that’s more than a lot of doctors. Did they just want to prescribe you something and then I’ll just keep adding on to that, it’s a true concern towards us in the highly appreciate that it’s not many places that start with concern if they do and I appreciate it very much not recommend this place to anybody’s head chronic pains cause lotta people do understand about chronic pain With the right people working with you. You learn how to deal with it and it gets to where it’s easy to control if I think I’m very much again.
Sherry M.
22:54 06 Feb 23
Everyone is kind and helpful. The front desk is always welcoming. The nurses go above and beyond to make sure you are ok. I have seen every doctor in the practice and not one of them have i had a problem with. They are always there to help.
Jeffrey W.
17:56 06 Feb 23
The office staff are great to work with. The appointments are always quick and usually on time.
Dawn R.
16:40 06 Feb 23
I have been seen here for several years. I have an entrapped sciatic nerve from a surgery in 2019. The physicians and Nurse practitioners are always very kind very professional. They are often short of staff out front however I feel like that is almost any place you go anymore. People don’t want to work. I would definitely recommend them.
Deborah J. Keaton, M.
22:20 03 Feb 23
Friendly, accommodating, staff. Dr. "B" is one of the best. Makes you feel comfortable. Good follow up.
Rachel N.
22:10 03 Feb 23
I’ve been going to PASS for 3 years now. They are compassionate and knowledgeable and caring. They understand that not everyone wants or has to be on narcotics and offer alrlternatives. They taught me about lyrica and it changed my quality of life for my fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders. I’ve been able to participate in therapy and heal some of my joints that have been I hired. They have bracing and order the best tests to help evaluate correctly what is going on. They work closely with my other doctors and physical therapy team to ensure I have the best quality of life possible despite having a debilitating illness. Sam and Dr Rao are professional and knowledgeable as well as their other staff. The truly do care about improving my quality of life.
Brandon K.
21:32 03 Feb 23
These guys do a great job. They’ve been my pain and spine doctors since I left the army and cannot say enough positive things about them. They are always timely and professional. Great staff from top to bottom
Marcy L E.
21:20 03 Feb 23
First time visit at the Greensburg facility and the staff was very friendly and efficient. Dr Ghandi listened to me and really understood how I was feeling and genuinely cared and treated me with no hesitation.Definitely referred this place for any pain or discomfort you are going thru.
17:34 03 Feb 23
Good people and good Drs always makes sure you go over.all options and discuss pros and cons in your specific situation or at least the they always have been with me very easy to work with
Robert S.
02:54 03 Feb 23
I have been coming hear for 4 years now and there great. Doctors and staff care they referred me to a neck sergeant. After my surgery they keep taking great care of my pain.Thank you and God Bless you all.
marva K.
02:11 03 Feb 23
The staff are very much appreciated to me they are very professional in their job attentive I would recommend others to their facility anytime
Bernadette B.
21:38 02 Feb 23
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Considerate appointments and sheduleing.
Joseph T.
17:23 02 Feb 23
My very first visit was awesome 10 across the bored staff there are very friendly dr,s are wonderful
Andrea E.
16:33 02 Feb 23
The staff was kind and considerate!!! I felt that I was very well taken care of!!!
Eric A.
00:03 02 Feb 23
Miss Wulf runs a competent and organized practice and shows care and concern for her patients. Heaven forbid you should need these services however if you should you will be in good hands if you do.
Tracy M.
23:04 01 Feb 23
Love this group! They are kind and caring and encourage you to share any issues that you may have. They are awesome!
Copper C.
21:37 01 Feb 23
very friendly and helpful
Mary D.
14:41 01 Feb 23
Very nice people there!!!
Raul L.
12:19 01 Feb 23
Everyone is very cordial and knowledgeable
Veronica S.
23:50 31 Jan 23
Dr. Ghandi, Dr. Rao, Dr. Hites and the staff are so pleasant. They listen to why I am in so much pain. 2 rear ended accidents, hearing and balance problems. Fusions in my neck, neuropathy, severe lower back spine pain. Does Help me to keep up, maintain life better.If you have to go to a pain specialist, they have given me some quality of life. I say check them out!!
Steve A.
23:26 31 Jan 23
Great practice! Great doctors!
Ronald M.
20:35 31 Jan 23
It was great. All your people were so helpfull
Jordan C.
18:43 31 Jan 23
Very professional, absolutely clear in the manner in which they communicate. Left nothing to my imagination. Being injured is a journey nobody signs up for. However, this clinic is the best “vehicle” to get you back home. Thanks guys!
Dawn M.
16:47 31 Jan 23
Pain and Spine has been my life saver. DR. G. Is the most down to earth yet professional doctor I have ever gone too. He listens to you and addresses your pain problems. If something doesn't work he will figure out something else to help you. They have a lot office's around the area which makes it nice.Call and make an appointment today!
Friendly and helpful. Treats me like I'm someone who matters and takes the time to listen.
Joseph B.
05:23 02 Dec 22
My experiences have been great with all the doctors I seen Dr.Hites, Jeremiah, and Nishant Rao, MD. They have help me get through my tough health situations. Recently, I was assigned an physician assistant and was was reluctant we to try something different medication wise, but here is what happened. I have certain allergies to gabapentin medication and recently had an appointment and I was put on a lyrica medication. I started to go into small seizures and sweating and these incidents started to increase until I used my EpiPen later on that evening in the 24th of November. I hope my treatment improves.
Shawn S.
08:52 04 Nov 22
I can't speak highly enough about the staff at pain and spine specialist in Washington PA.Everyone I had contact with from the receptionist,nurse,to my doctor were exceptional.they were professional,kind, knowledgeable,and I felt as if they truly wanted nothing but to help me be as comfortable as possible while recovering fr my spinal was hands down my best experience with any medical professionals I've ever had.
Crystal K.
16:48 03 Nov 22
Best Pain Management I have been to in years. The entire staff seems to actually care! My doctor not only cared about managing my care but investigating why I was in pain! I have several severe chronic issues. This place was great from my very first appointment! I don't usually give 5 stars but they deserve it! Pain mngmnt has been a struggle for a few years now. They addressed my concerns and issues day one!!
Jon D.
21:33 18 Sep 22
This is a place with wonderful doctors and nurse practitioners .They have helped me out greatly with my back .I was paralyzed once and these doctors give me the ability to walk!
Eugenia Gunn (.
18:37 12 Sep 22
Dr.B n his staff are very friendly n very helpful
James F.
15:13 12 Sep 22
Great place friendly and very helpful!
Kim D.
19:52 08 Sep 22
Brenda H.
17:38 25 Jul 22
Awesome people . Great care.
Sanket M.
14:48 20 Jul 22
In office visit was great but calling the office for any reason, whether it's for appointments or question, it's impossible. Nobody picks up the phone no matter what time you just leave a voice message and hope for the best. A little inconvenient but they do call back
Karin M.
15:24 01 Jul 22
Great staff and Doctor's.
Jeanne W.
14:57 07 Feb 22
This is an office that exceeded my expectations. The doctor was a good listener and I was impressed with understanding of my pain and symptoms. Highly recommend!!!
Janis G.
15:21 03 Feb 22
Kind, thorough, direct with answers and solutions
Terry G.
15:24 20 Jan 22
Great Doctors!Worth the drive for me to get there!
Jill R.
14:23 13 Jan 22
I love Pain and Spine! Everyone is always so friendly, and Dr Jeremiah is amazing!
Jim_Mary C.
21:53 06 Jan 22
Professional, friendly, and efficient
23:27 21 Dec 21
I really appreciate the time they give you and they listen to what I need to say. Their whole team are the best!! Merry Christmas!
Tracey C.
20:00 24 Nov 21
My sister doctors here and I’ve never heard her say a bad thing about the place or staff! Brand new facility, very clean. The doctors take time to listen to your concerns and are very helpful.
John T.
03:03 12 Nov 21
My first visit here but they definitely seem to want to help you and everything you are dealing with so definitely much appreciated
Rashawn J.
01:38 05 Oct 21
I would like to first say that my experience with the staff at Pain and Spine Specialist of Maryland ~Rockville did not start on the day of my visit. It started the day I called to schedule the appointment. After transitioning from a pain and spine doctor in Columbia, MD; in which I had an unfavorable experience, the intake staff member at Pain and Spine Specialist made the scheduling a breeze. They were able to get me in within a week. I have been in so much pain due to a car accident in June 2021. With ongoing treatments from chiropractors, physical therapy, and the initial spine doctor; my body had begun to feel increasing pain. I needed relief. Needless to say, I found everything I've been needing at the Pain and Spine Specialist of Maryland.The entire staff was friendly and empathetic to my plight. From the front to the back. Dr. John was very thorough and informative. He listened and gave me options without dismissing my feelings and concerns. He actually took the time with me and answered me and my husband's questions and made sure he met my needs. Although this was my initial visit, I can honestly say that it was the most impressive in comparison to the 3 visits I'd had elsewhere. I did not leave the office crying because I felt like a number. However, I left that office today feeling hopeful and as much as I was in pain, the staff sent me off with a smile on my face and a reasonable plan of action for my treatment. Thank you all so much for your professionalism andcare! It means so much to me and my hubby.
Rick T.
21:40 29 Sep 21
Me & my wife just recently started going here. We've had 2 visits so far & each time was pleasant. Dr. John treats us both. Me for back issues & my wife for back & neck issues. He explains everything & actually listens to us when we have questions about our care. They don't try to push things on you that haven't worked in the past like injections. He asked what has worked in the past in order to be able to function on a daily basis & set up our care to where we were comfortable. Staff is wonderful & the place is very clean. Also, even tho we've only been here twice for appointments they are on time & haven't had to wait to be seen. The last place we were going to was never on time & the Dr there pushed things on us that didn't work before & we weren't comfortable with & after voicing our concerns he acted like he knew what was best & didn't want to hear from us about what had worked in the past. None of that at PASS!! They actually listen to the patient & that is almost unheard of these days.
Neil M.
23:45 17 Sep 21
Alley the scheduling person was incredible. I was in so much pain , she was patient and had empathy , she got an appointment for me the next day! Dr Rao was awesome! He listened to my issues and was very understanding and treated with the appropriate injections and meds to help healThe last place couldn’t answer the phones and got disconnected after a ridiculous message 3 times in a row. Glad I found this pain/ spine management practice!
melissa B.
12:25 30 Jul 21
Always treated with kindness and respect. your care is a top priority
Leslie F.
15:43 22 Jul 21
I have never been to a pain management doctor and didn't know what to expect. Pain &Spine Specialists has been wonderful.
Erania S.
22:59 12 Jul 21
They are great !! We I have issues they are quick to resolve ! Dr Rao is awesome he is patient and listens to what you have to say . He takes you problems serious .. Great place to go !!! Check then out !!
16:13 10 Jul 21
My first visit to this office was the best experience ever. From the moment I walked in, everyone was so kind and smiled. I was so comfortable with speaking to the staff. They were all very nice and showed concern. The staff answered all my questions and I didn’t feel like I was burdening them. They answered with pleasure. Dr. B is beyond amazing. He came in already knowing most of my history because of a great Medical Tech and him reviewing paperwork that I brought. My overall experience was wonderful. I would recommend this practice to anyone.
Erica D.
19:22 21 Jun 21
I am so pleased coming here to see Dr Olegario he treats his patients very well .He takes his time and is very polite while doing the procedure which makes my visit more comfortable for me
dianne K.
21:01 15 Jun 21
Dr. o is a great Dr. I trust him with everything.
Lisa O.
16:24 09 Jun 21
This office is one if a kindWhen you go in for appt you always feel welcome. Not like a # and rushed through like they just want your $My Dr is awesome(i have had a total of 4 injections from other Doctors that I've seen in the past 2 yrs due to an auto accident)(Seems all other doctors want to do is give you injections )(Seems it's always about the $)Except for this office)My Doctor took the time to listen to me about how i felt about the injectionAnd the fact that they hadn't helped up to this pointI told him i really didn't want to be stuck anymore as i felt like a pin cushion from the other DoctorsHe didn't push me to have any more inhectionsHe is truly the best Doctor i think I've seenSince my auto accident 2 yrs agoOther than my SurgeonI LOVE LOVE LOVE this PRACTICE
aaron T.
13:05 04 Jun 21
Informative, compassionate, Thank you to all the staff.
Zara_TheHybridWolf 8.
15:11 03 Jun 21
Doctor Olegario and his staff are the best would not go anywhere else
Brianna E.
17:59 28 May 21
I love everyone at the Washington office. Even though they are so busy they take the time to listen & they hear you! They don't ignore what you say & do whatever they want. They do there best to help every person who comes through the door!
22:32 18 May 21
The entire staff from the folks at the front desk to the Nurse, to the Physicians Assistant to the scribe that records the visit for the doctor(great idea so the Doctor can focus on the patient!!) to the technician that does tests to the Doctor are amazing!! very caring, they take whatever time is required to fully grasp and understand the patients unique problem(s)/issues and develop a treatment plan based on individual needs while taking into account what failed in the past. i highly recommend these folks, 100% A+++ all the way, smart professional staff and just amazing doctor. Dr. Badarunath is one of the most through, professional and caring medical professionals that i have meet in the last 30 years!!! This is the place to go if you want help in coping with cronic issues. and the fact that they take most insurance is just icing on the cake! thank you Pain and Spine Specialists of Maryland of Frederick!
Esther B.
18:26 17 May 21
Dr.Rao,Is a kind and gentle physician. His care and compassion is beyond words. I was nervous, and reluctant at first, but he relieved my pain in an impressive and timely manner. I did not realize how much pain I was experiencing until after the procedure.I have the up most respect for this Dr. Raul, his gift and his skill. I would highly recommend Dr.Raul to anyone who is suffering with lower back pain. I feel normal again. 😊Thank you Dr. Raul
Connie S.
14:16 13 May 21
Very nice people that work there
Tracy C.
15:04 11 May 21
Been seeing Isaac and he is good. However, I miss seeing Dr Rao as he is my favorite. Clean place and caring staff.
Linda C.
15:58 29 Apr 21
I have had great experiences with Dr Rao, Dr B, Lindsay, and Dr Bill and their nurses. I have the utmost respect for these providers, always kind and considerate, always great communication. I currently see Dr Bill on a regular basis after Lindsay left and I cannot say enough POSITIVE comments about him. He listens, understands my questions and concerns, always takes the time needed to work out any and all of my issues or concerns. He brings the utmost professionalism to each and every one of my appointments. Thank you Dr Bill for your knowledge and professionalism at each of my appointments. In addition, I love the staff at the Frederick location where I am seen. They are friendly and courteous at each visit, from the time I walk in to the time I leave.I wish we could communicate by phone directly with the office we are seen at though.It is a bit stressful sometimes to communicate with an office that you are not regularly seen at, although I understand every business has procedures and this is their procedure when you need to call for a question or concern. I will commend the ladies that answer the phone for being professional. Thank you for all you do at PASS, most employees are very kind and helpful and it is appreciated. Thank you DR BILL AND STAFF, at Frederick, YOUR AWESOME.
Kathie M.
16:25 20 Apr 21
The staff was a friendly , the dr. was very careful not to hurt me when he had to fill my pain pump..
Chris D.
07:57 10 Apr 21
They take time to listen to you! Very nice and down to earth.
Generalissimo S.
03:00 01 Apr 21
Very nice staff and doctors. They answer all of my questions and concerns.
01:32 31 Mar 21
I can't say enough good things about Dr Rao , when no one else could tell me what was causing my back pain he helped me find out what the issue was . He is patient and extremely knowledgeable and very good at what he does ! I am not surprised that all his staff are kind , caring and patient in their quest to help me have a better quality of life. I must add this office is very responsible in the care they provide to every patient who comes thru their door !
David W.
19:13 30 Mar 21
The Doctor and Staff take time to talk with you. Your not rushed out of the office.
Loretta M.
14:35 19 Mar 21
The staff is very friendly and really nice and Dr.B was very understanding and very up front and honest about my severe pain with my neck injury from an auto accident and Dr.B explained everything he could do for me I highly recommend pain and spine specialist.Thank you so much for treating me in your Frederick office yesterday.Sincerely,Loretta Morris
Connie S.
20:36 18 Mar 21
Every one was so nice and understanding
Jerry S.
15:54 10 Mar 21
Everyone there is super friendly and helpful. Would recommend them to to anyone.
Dawn C.
20:25 02 Mar 21
Absolutely love it here. There is no waiting. Appointments are on time. Dr. Olegario takes the time to explain all procedures that will be done and listens to any concerns you may have. And I can't say enough for my girls in the office!!! Everyone is always so pleasant!!!
Elbert K.
03:39 23 Feb 21
This was my first visit since merger with DNA Pain Clinic. The staff was amazing. Dr. Heise is first rate. I was very pleased with my appointment from start to finish.
Curt B.
16:33 11 Feb 21
I really enjoy going to this practice the doctors great and the other people working there are just the best and very helpful
Barbara E.
20:31 04 Feb 21
Great dr and nice girls in office
Chris S.
00:46 02 Feb 21
Great group of physicians!
Tambuzi P.
15:49 22 Jan 21
Very friendly and family oriented, the staff Very professional and willing to answer all of your questions five star experience
Kevin K.
20:19 21 Jan 21
Doctors and nursing staff are top notch. Always feel better after visiting. Clean office and up to date COVID practices. Highly recommend.
Kevin K.
20:05 21 Jan 21
Excellent care from all staff. Very friendly and attentive. Dr. Rao always takes time to listen to my concerns and helps me feel better.
Camila L.
14:13 21 Jan 21
Every experience I have had at Pain and Spine Specialists of MD has been exceptional! I brought my dad a few years ago for knee pain and Dr. Rao took his time to explain the treatment plan and get him a compounded pain cream that was just right for my Dad's pain. Before I knew it, my Dad was back to having the same quality of life as before his pain took over. The staff is so friendly at the Elkridge location and the surgery center makes you feel comfortable when you are going in for a procedure. I highly recommend PASS to anyone in pain!!
HeatherAnn L.
22:44 20 Jan 21
I had been feeling ick and had a fever. I switched to a virtual appointment and was approved. It was wonderful getting to chat and talk about my concerns just as if I was there. Seamless did guys. Their fire accomplising a seamless andceasy way to be seen if Covid is around. (Which, btw, it wass, I tested Covid positive last night) . Wear masks and be careful.
John T.
14:46 18 Dec 20
They were professional thorough and expedient
Mary S.
22:03 03 Dec 20
The staff is always so polite, and nice, usually in and out quick...thanks for your service.
Ronald W.
23:52 25 Nov 20
I always have a positive experience .The entire staff is totally awesome,kind,and caring.
Natalie C.
21:14 16 Nov 20
The doctors and nurses are very nice and personable. Wait times are not long, not even during COVID. I had to look for a long time for a physician willing to treat my condition before I found PASS and I have never had any problems since. I fully recommend them for any pain condition you might have. They do not judge patients who are suffering from chronic pain. You'll get great care here.
Linda P.
16:26 10 Nov 20
I had a very good experience on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. My appt. went well.Thank you,Linda Penwell
JimmyRay S.
09:45 05 Nov 20
They were very polite, were as the last place I was at they were just RUDE. I truly hope to continue with them.
Jeffrey D.
14:26 26 Oct 20
Doctor's here are nice, and though they're very busy, they still do their best to treat you like a human and get to know you. Waiting room is a little small, but they've gotten quicker at getting people in and out.
Paula F.
19:33 27 May 20
Ms. Bundu has been exceptional in advising me during a very trying time. She has gone above and beyond to help me figure out a debilitating disease(?) affecting my livelihood.
Penny R.
15:20 28 Feb 20
I just love Lindsay. She is very empathetic and caring.
Carol M.
15:20 26 Feb 20
The staff is well versed and kind.
Arney S.
15:26 24 Feb 20
Everyone is very nice and concerned about my health!! I’m there about 45 minutes and they ask questions about my life. Doctors are Great!!
Sam S.
14:56 24 Feb 20
I have been going to pain and spine for about a year-and-a-half they have always been professional and has always taken care of my needs through my surgeries and continuing to treat. They really know what they're doing send me directly to a surgeon
Tanisha K.
14:46 21 Feb 20
I love Lindsay she is always going above and beyond to make sure your feeling better and trying to find the best solution for your pain.
Bob H.
16:13 14 Feb 20
I am usually there only half an hour for appts. I love Lindsay my provider. Very pleasant. Always a great experience.
Cassandra K.
18:16 07 Feb 20
Curtious.. Fast. And everyone that I very felt with these past 3 years have always been kind and curtious
Robin V.
18:08 08 Aug 19
I showed up early while the office was at lunch. The pleasant young lady at the front desk checked me in anyway. Everyone in this office was pleasant and knowledgeable. The office is clean. Dr Rao gave me more insight to my back health than any doctor previously. I can not give a more positive review. I highly recommend them.

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