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We believe in providing comprehensive and compassionate pain care to all patients. Each patient will be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

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You Deserve Comprehensive Pain Care

Many individuals have anxiety when scheduling an appointment with a new doctor’s office. At Pain and Spine Specialists we provide comprehensive pain care while offering the most up-to-date minimally invasive techniques. Our ethos is to treat each patient (and potential patient) as if they were a family member.

We understand the importance of providing an inviting and safe atmosphere for patients and their family members to be comfortable. Providing empathetic and compassionate care is a strong tenet of our practice.

Your pain is valid and deserves to be addressed by an elite pain management practice, with specialists who are skilled and effective in managing your symptoms. 

As A New Patient

Individuals looking to schedule a new patient appointment will be guided through the entire process by one of our New Patient Coordinators (NPC). Our NPC’s will thoughtfully listen to your concerns, and gather the appropriate information in order to schedule. Our practice understands that living with chronic pain is difficult, and we make it a priority to schedule a new patient within a week of their first phone call.

What To Expect

Our new patients will have the option of scheduling an appointment in any of our convenient locations, and are not required to complete any imaging prior to being seen.

As a comprehensive pain management practice, we value your time and your experiences. This is why we do all the leg work for you. We will request any prior records from other offices and provide you with as much information in regards to your appointment.

During your initial consult, our providers will discuss in detail with you about your previous medical history, your concerns, and your goals as a patient. They will also review any previous imaging or relevant clinical notes made available from your health care team.

Our comprehensive pain management specialists have the skilled experience to determine the source of your pain, determine if there are any other underlying conditions that may contribute to your pain symptoms, and establish a pain management program best suited for your needs.

Our practice understands that no two patients are the same, and therefore their treatment cannot be. Our providers develop patient-centered treatment plans that are safe and effective. Beyond expert experience, our providers determine which therapeutic modality would be most beneficial to the patient. These modalities include alternative pain managementinterventional pain management, or chronic pain management.

Patients may be directed to receiving injection therapy, referrals for physical therapy, and/or medications to alleviate and treat their symptoms.

Each patient will have their individualized plan discussed with them, and will also be given the opportunity to voice any questions or concerns. Our calling is to provide our chronic pain patients with superior medical care and compassionate support. 

As An Established Patient

Many of our established patients live with life-long conditions that cause pain. Their daily battle with chronic pain impacts functionality and can greatly impact their emotional state. At Pain and Spine Specialists, we understand this frustration. The patients we have treated for years continue their care with our practice because of our dedicated support.

We offer our patients more than just pain management. We offer compassionate care and access to medical specialists to better serve our patients. We provide additional services to each patient while in office, such as:

Cognitive Functionality Testing

TM Flow (a diagnostic tool used to detect vascular complications or ANS complications)

We fiercely advocate for our patients and actively empower them in their health journeys. We provide a safe and supportive environment where patients feel comfortable voicing concerns or questions. We believe all of our patients deserve dignity and respect, and take the utmost care in fostering this environment in our practice. 

Our patients have the opportunity to sign up for their personalized Patient Portal. The Patient Portal allows patients to view their upcoming appointments, their medication list, read clinical summary notes from their appointments, and send messages to clinical staff and providers. PASS also offers patients the convenience of appointment reminders, tele-health appointments, rescheduling appointments, and canceling appointments via automated text messages and calls. We also maintain a social media presence, providing patients with practice updates and inclement weather notifications. 

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you superior care as an elite pain management practice. Our comprehensive pain programs are designed to most effectively treat and care for our patients. We want you to do more than survive with your symptoms. We want you thriving as an individual, living a full life. 

To learn more about patient experience you can speak to our dedicated health professionals at Pain & Spine Specialists. Call (301) 703-8767 (Maryland Locations), (724) 603-3560 (Pennsylvania Locations) or (540) 433-1905 (Virginia Locations) and let us provide you the support you deserve. 

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We believe that a comprehensive treatment to chronic pain is the only way to provide the greatest opportunity for long-term benefit and recovery.

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We are dedicated to the provide the highest quality of patient care and services. We truly have each individuals comfort in mind.

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At Pain and Spine Specialists, our team of physicians and nurse practitioners are committed to giving you the most effective treatment when treating your pain. We believe that all patients should have access to quality care, and that is why you can find us conveniently located throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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Please note: We accept Workers Compensation Insurance and Personal Injury Patients 

Please note: We accept Workers Compensation Insurance and Personal Injury Patients 

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