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At pain and spine specialists we provide comprehensive pain management services to help patients identify the causes of their pain and the best treatment options to address their symptoms.

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Comprehensive Pain Management at PASS

Chronic pain effects millions of Americans daily. Chronic pain sufferers feel limited in their daily activities and are prevented from experiencing a fully lived life. Almost everyone experiences physical pain in their lives. Whether minuscule or huge, the brain releases pain signals when the body is injured. It is part of your body’s protective systems.

Typically, injury or pain conditions will heal on their own. When pain does not go away then it can then be classified as chronic pain. At this point It is important to seek a specialist who provides chronic pain management services that can effectively diagnose and treat your pain.

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Signs of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain does not just “go away” after a few days of rest. Your body experiences the pain for weeks, months, and years on end. Doctors usually determine if a patient is experiencing chronic pain if it lasts longer than 3 months.

Many people find the quality of their lives impacted. It is vital for anyone experiencing prolonged pain to reach out to a medical professional.

Finding a comprehensive pain program can establish the patient on the path to pain relief. Chronic pain can be a complex and multifaceted problem for a patient and may require a pain specialist to manage.

It is important for individuals suffering from this condition to find skilled providers who can effectively provide comprehensive pain management. There can be several factors contributing to someone’s chronic pain. No two patients are alike in their chronic pain experiences.

Treatment Plans

Each medical provider should create individualized treatment plans that best fit their patient’s experiences and needs. Some chronic pain symptoms to look out for: 

  • Stiffness
  • Burning Pain
  • Shooting Pain
  • Squeezing
  • Throbbing/Dull Aches

For many people, the source of their chronic pain is apparent. Many individuals can pinpoint to an event or a condition that causes them to experience this prolonged pain. Some patients may have experienced a sports injury or were involved in some type of accident. Other patients may have developed conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia which include pain as part of their diagnosis.

However, not all chronic pain sufferers can trace their pain experiences to one source. It may be a combination of health conditions that coexist or may be a result of previous injuries or infections. It is important for the patient to discuss their medical history in detail with their provider. This discussion will help providers to best determine the cause(s) of their chronic pain.

Pain Treatments

While individuals suffering from chronic pain may feel limited, their treatment plans do not have to be. There are many new and innovative therapy options available for patients to explore for the most effective results. It is vital to find a comprehensive pain management program or practice that provides exceptional patient care. This environment should allow patients to begin addressing their debilitating condition.

Various comprehensive pain therapy can be utilized independently and/or in combination with each other. Some of these effective methods are: 

Individuals may find some therapies more effective than others. Some may only require lifestyle changes and physical therapy. Treatment plans can be developed with your comprehensive pain management physicians to determine the best option for treatment.

We Can Help!

Managing chronic pain can feel like a full time job. This chronic condition can have drastic physical and emotional ramifications. Living with chronic pain can heighten depression symptoms which can increase the patient’s pain. This can create a cycle of physical pain and emotional pain.

Having a knowledgable and skilled pain specialist manage your care is critical. Having comprehensive pain care that incorporates progressive techniques allows a patient to begin experiencing relief. Schedule an appointment today!

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Please note: We accept Workers Compensation Insurance and Personal Injury Patients 

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