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We provide comprehensive pain management services to individuals who suffer from moderate to severe pain. Our mission is to improve our patient’s quality of life and overall functionality through exceptional patient care. If you are suffering from chronic pain, contact us today to restore your functionality and get moving again.

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We Provide

Comprehensive Pain Management Services

Comprehensive Pain Management Services

At Pain and Spine Specialists, our board-certified doctors have over 20 years of experience in interventional pain management. Our mission is to provide all patients with individualized, compassionate care that enhances health and well-being.

During your initial consultation, our pain management specialists will take the time to understand your health history and unique circumstances so that you receive a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Our primary goal is to reduce pain and increase overall functionality with comprehensive pain management services that make you feel like family.

We offer innovative and minimally invasive treatment options that address a variety of chronic pain conditions. Our treatments include injection therapiesmedication managementspinal fusionsnerve stimulationnerve blocks, bracing and much more! 


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Dr. Sudhir Rao | Medical Director


Dr. Sudhir Rao | Medical Director

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