Spinal Cord Stimulation Washington, PA

Spinal Cord Stimulation Washington, PA

SCS & DRG Stimulator

These words may appear exciting or a bit scary for patients dealing with chronic pain, but the important thing to realize is that they are at the forefront of technology in treating patients safely and effectively! Pain and Spine Specialists is a proactive practice, that focuses on treating chronic pain with effective solutions. Our providers consider all aspects of the patient’s health, and previous care, and work with the patient to build a wellness regimen that provides the road to relief. But what are some of these solutions? The Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) and the Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG) Stimulator are clinically proven to provide superior relief when compared to other conventional pain treatments. The SCS treats the chronic pain that can be found throughout the body, such as intense neck pain or shoulders. The DRG treats chronic pain in areas where traditional methods do not work, such as the lower extremities.

Our practice is at the forefront of patient care for long-term pain. At Pain and Spine Specialists, we utilize our expertise and incorporate progressive therapies and innovations to provide superior care for those managing chronic pain conditions. DRG can be used to relieve pain in the hands, chest, and groin areas. Patients who responded to this therapy were reported to have less discomfort and improved mood.

The pain-relieving stimulation can be flexibly programmed for the therapy to provide a mild tingling sensation (if the patient even ends up feeling anything). A mild tingle wins over pain that radiates.

Want to know how to get one? This is where we come in! First, you need a CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) diagnosis. And if you’re coming to PASS for pain management, our providers can determine if that diagnosis fits.

A small device, the SCS or DRG, is placed under the skin and masks the pain signal before it reaches the brain. Instead of radiating pain, the sensation changes to something manageable. The pain changes to feel like a mild sensation.

The SCS and DRG become an ideal solution before a cycle of pain-suffering-disability-pain becomes established. Generally, patients don’t want to have to depend on medications. And this is a great way for patients to take control of their Pain Management.

Contact us to learn more about the spinal cord stimulation Washington, PA patients recommend, we are dedicated to our patient’s well being. Call Pain and Spine Specialists of Maryland at (301) 703 – 8767 to see how we can help. You can also check us out at www.passmd.com for more information about our practice! We want to empower our patients away from being limited by their chronic pain. We are established in several locations to provide centralized care for all our patients. Call us today!

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I can't say enough good things about Dr Rao, when no one else could tell me what was causing my back pain he helped me find out what the issue was . He is patient and extremely knowledgeable and very good at what he does! I am not surprised that all his staff are kind , caring and patient in their quest to help me have a better quality of life.

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Please note: We accept Workers Compensation Insurance and Personal Injury Patients 

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