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At Pain and Specialists, we incorporate hip braces into treatment plans for a variety of chronic conditions like hip dysplasia, hip arthritis, hip strains, hip fractures, and hip bursitis. Hip braces provide essential support and stability to the hip joint to help alleviate pain, prevent further injury, and accelerate the healing process. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more!

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Discover Hip Bracing At Pain and Specialists

Hip braces are an effective solution for individuals recovering from hip surgery or struggling with chronic hip conditions. We often use hip bracing as complementary therapy to other interventions like injection therapies, minimally invasive procedures, and medication management. This comprehensive approach to pain management, improves patient outcomes and leads to more sustained pain relief.

If you're interested in learning more about how hip bracing can help reduce your chronic pain, use the navigation buttons below to access more information about our hip bracing services.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation, the hip specialists at Pain and Specialists are ready to answer your questions. To schedule your consultation, please reach out to us by filling out a contact form or giving us a call.

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How Do Hip Braces Work?

Hip braces and supports are engineered to provide additional support to the hip joint and adjoining muscles by distributing pressure evenly across the hip while restricting movements that could aggravate pain or injury.

The primary function of hip braces is to alleviate pain, prevent further injury, and facilitate healing.  Here is a summarized overview each function:

  • Stabilized Movements: They restrict the range of movement which helps patients to avoid actions that might worsen the condition.

  • Redirected Pressure: Hip braces can alleviate the stress on hip joints and discs by redirecting weight and pressure away from the affected areas.

  • Enhanced Control: They help patients maintain a neutral hip position. This enhanced control improves hip health and helps to prevent chronic conditions from getting worse.

  • Safer Mechanics: Wearing a hip brace helps make patients more aware of their movements which leads to safer mechanics during physical activities.

A collage of four image showing hip pain joints, muscles and chronic hip conditions.

Understanding The Limitations of Hip Support Braces

Hip braces offer a practical solution for managing hip pain and aiding in recovery. However, it's important to consider their limitations. These devices are known for their effectiveness in pain relief and support during the healing process, but understanding their constraints can help users make informed decisions.

  1. 1

    Temporary Pain Relief: Hip braces are most effective when integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan. They provide symptomatic relief but are not a standalone cure for underlying conditions.

  2. 2
    Muscle Dependency: Prolonged use without proper guidance can lead to muscle atrophy and dependence. It's crucial to follow a prescribed schedule that includes periods of weaning off the brace to ensure muscle strength is maintained.
  3. 3
    Can Be Uncomfortable: A poorly fitted brace can create more problems than solutions, leading to discomfort, skin irritation, or even exacerbation of symptoms. Professional fitting and periodic adjustments are crucial for efficacy.
  4. 4
    Not Suitable for All Hip Conditions: Hip braces are not universally beneficial for all types of hip pain. In some cases, such as certain inflammatory conditions, they may not be recommended.

Before proceeding with hip braces, our specialists will review your condition and discuss the benefits and limitations before proceeding with treatment.

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Who Can Benefit from Hip Braces

Hip braces can be effective in managing a range of hip disorders, offering support, relief, and stability. Below are some hip conditions that are commonly treated with ortho hip braces:

Hip Dysplasia Brace

Hip dysplasia causes pain due to misalignment of the hip joint. Bracing can help stabilize the hip, reducing joint pressure and mitigating pain.

Hip Braces After Surgery

After hip surgery, hip braces can aid the recovery process by ensuring proper alignment and restricting movements.

Hip Braces for Arthritis

Individuals with hip arthritis can benefit from wearing braces for hip arthritis as they help maintain joint alignment and reduce pressure on the joints. This alleviation of pressure can significantly decrease pain and discomfort.

Hip Braces for Hip Fractures

For individuals dealing with hip fractures, hip braces provide essential support to the joint and limit movements that could make the condition worse.

Hip Braces for Bursitis

Hip Bursitis can be painful and debilitating. Bursitis hip braces offer essential support to the affected area, reducing motion and allowing the joint to heal while minimizing pain.

Hip Braces for Hip Strains

Hip strains from overexertion or improper movement can be supported with hip braces, which limit harmful movements and provide the compression needed to reduce inflammation and promote muscle recovery.

Hip Braces for Hip Instability

Individuals with hip instability can find hip braces useful in stabilizing the hip and preventing further injury. The additional support can also aid in pain management and healing.

Choosing The Right Hip Brace

Understanding the differences between the types of hip braces can help you make an informed decision about which is best suited to your needs. Here are the three primary categories:

  1. Rigid Braces: Rigid hip braces are constructed from sturdy materials like hard plastic, designed to significantly limit the motion of the hip. They are often recommended for more severe conditions or after certain types of hip surgery. Common use cases include healing from hip fractures, post-operative support, and managing conditions like severe hip dysplasia or hip arthritis.
  2. Soft Braces: Soft hip braces are made from elastic fabrics and are designed to offer support while still allowing for a degree of movement. They're typically used for minor hip sprains and strains, or as a preventive measure during activities that strain the hip. Soft braces can also provide relief from chronic conditions such as mild to moderate hip dysplasia or hip instability.
  3. Custom-Fitted Hip Braces: Custom-fitted hip braces are tailored to fit the specific contours of an individual's body, providing optimal support and comfort. These braces can be either soft or rigid, depending on the condition being treated. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with unique hip shapes or those who have not found success with off-the-shelf braces. Use cases range widely, from managing hip dysplasia and severe hip pain to post-operative support and rehabilitation.

Selecting the appropriate orthopedic hip brace depends on the severity of your condition, the nature of your lifestyle, and your treatment goals.

A women in a green shirt sitting at her desk and holding her lower back while suffering hip pain

How We Diagnose Chronic Hip Pain

Our team of specialists conducts comprehensive evaluation in order to accurately diagnose your condition before recommending any treatment, including hip bracing. Here is an overview of our new patient consultation process:

We start with a thorough review of your medical history to understand any underlying health conditions, previous treatments or surgeries, and the overall timeline of your pain.

Following the review of your medical history, our doctors will conduct a detailed physical examination to assess your range of motion, posture, physical condition, and any specific areas of tenderness or pain.

We may request diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, MRI scans, or CT scans. These imaging tests provide our specialists with detailed views of your hip's structure, helping to pinpoint abnormalities, injuries, or degenerative changes that could be causing your pain.

A man suffering from hip pain meeting lying on a table during a physical examination by a pain management doctor

We Offer Comprehensive Hip Treatment Plans

At Pain and Spine Specialists, we take a comprehensive approach to pain management that combines many different therapies in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.

Here are some therapies that our complementary to hip bracing:

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion offers a permanent solution to stabilize your hip area, significantly reducing pain by fusing the sacroiliac joint, thus eliminating the excessive movement that contributes to your discomfort.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

With Peripheral Nerve Stimulation, we can directly target the nerves involved in your hip pain, using gentle electrical pulses to disrupt pain signals, providing you with a non-invasive option to reclaim comfort and mobility.

Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Sacroiliac Joint Injections involve delivering powerful anti-inflammatory medication directly into the sacroiliac joint, offering you swift relief from pain and inflammation, and serving as a diagnostic tool to better understand your hip pain.

Medication Management

Through Medication Management, we carefully tailor a regimen that addresses your specific pain levels and concerns, aiming to balance efficacy with minimal side effects, ensuring you receive the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Intrathecal Pumps

Intrathecal Pumps deliver pain medication directly into the space around your spinal cord, providing consistent relief with lower doses of medication, thereby reducing side effects and directly targeting your hip pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation uses a device implanted near your spine to send low levels of electricity directly to the spinal cord, interrupting pain signals on their way to the brain, offering you a chance to experience significant hip pain relief.

Braces For Hip Pain at Pain and Spine Specialists

Don't let another day pass with unnecessary pain. Utilize the support of our hip braces and our comprehensive pain management services to regain the functionality you deserve.

Reach out to us today to schedule a new patient consultation. Together, we'll discover if hip braces are the right fit for you!

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