Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Treatment

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Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) is a minimally invasive procedure that uses electrical impulses to interrupt pain signals before they reach the brain. At Pain and Spine Specialists, we offer PNS Treatment to help manage various symptoms of chronic pain, including persistent back or neck pain, severe headaches, joint discomfort, and nerve-related pain conditions.

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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Treatment of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects millions worldwide and can have debilitating effects on your quality of life. Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) is an innovative therapy that has been used since the mid-1980s to provide long-term relief by blocking pain signals and reducing their intensity.

With PNS treatment, you get more control over pain so that you can return to a more active and functional life. If you're dealing with chronic pain or nerve-related issues, our board-certified pain specialists at Pain and Spine Specialists can help determine if the Peripheral Nerve Stimulation procedure is the right option for you. Learn more about the procedure, candidates, recovery time, and frequently asked questions using the resource buttons below. 

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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

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