Peripheral Nerve Entrapment

Nerve entrapment surgery is the solution to persisting neuropathic pain. At Pain & Spine Specialists, we have experienced doctors who can perform nerve entrapment treatments in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to alleviate your pain. Schedule an appointment with our experts today.

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What Is Peripheral Nerve Entrapment?

Peripheral nerve entrapment syndrome occurs when a nerve outside your brain or spinal cord gets compressed, injured, or irritated. The entrapment can occur at any point along the nerve’s pathway.

The peripheral nervous system is made up of nerves that branch off from your spinal cord to all parts of your body. These nerves transmit information between your body and brain, helping muscles move. So, an entrapped nerve can prevent you from performing necessary functions.

We understand that entrapped nerves can be extremely painful and debilitating, which is why our team is committed to providing you with the best possible care. Use the resource buttons below to discover what nerve entrapment is and how our specialists can help you overcome it.

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What Body Parts Does Nerve Entrapment Affect?

Nerves exist throughout your body, so entrapment can happen anywhere. Should you experience any nerve pain in your body, consider getting in touch with a nerve entrapment doctor in Maryland to assess your case. Common body parts that can experience nerve entrapments include:


  • Suprascapular Nerve Entrapment Syndrome (SNES): You may be experiencing a much more complex form of shoulder pain if the discomfort and weakness persist even after constant massaging and pain medications. As such, you would require special nerve entrapment treatments. Consider getting a specialist’s opinion if you experience chronic shoulder pain and upper back discomfort.
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS): The thoracic outlet is the space between your collarbone and first rib. When the nerves and blood vessels in this area of your body compress, you could experience shoulder and neck pain. Numbness in your fingers is also a common symptom. Get a diagnosis from a pain management doctor in Maryland to rule out entrapment and other conditions.

Arms and Hands

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Perhaps the most common condition involving entrapped nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome causes tingling, numbness, and pain along the forearm to the hand. It could be tolerable in the beginning, but an untreated case will worsen over time. Let a specialist take a look at your median nerve and see if it is squeezed or compressed.
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Also known as ulnar nerve entrapment, this condition occurs when the nerve in your elbow gets compressed and irritated. As a result, bending your elbow would cause numbness and tingling in your hand, particularly the ring finger and pinky. Be sure to seek a specialist’s services when you experience weak grips and clumsy hands, which may be a sign of nerve entrapment.
  • Posterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome: This condition affects the forearm, causing weakness and pain in the muscles that the nerve controls. Most commonly, this syndrome explains why you might struggle when extending your fingers and thumb. If you experienced a traumatic injury to your arm or have a history of tumors in the area, getting a specialist to perform nerve entrapment surgery can help with the pain.
A mans arms with the nerves, muscles, and bones outlined

Legs and Feet

  • Obturator Nerve Syndrome: The obturator nerve is located in the thigh. This condition can be difficult for doctors to evaluate. It usually occurs after surviving a sports injury or complications in a medical procedure. When this nerve gets damaged, you may experience pain in your thigh or groin area, weakness when raising your leg, and sensory loss in the general leg area. Get a specialist to assess your situation if you recognize any of these symptoms.
  • Morton’s Neuroma: This condition affects the interdigit nerves located between the third and fourth toes. It involves the thickening of the tissues in these toe nerves, causing a sharp pain in the ball of your foot. If the burning pain and numbness become intolerable, visit a nerve entrapment doctor immediately.
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS): The nerve that travels through the tarsal tunnel on the side of the ankle may suffer damage with constant strain. As a result, you may experience burning pain in the ankle and heel, as well as numbness or weakness in the bottom of your foot. Allow a nerve entrapment specialist to assess your condition to prevent it from getting any worse.

Does Nerve Entrapment on the Back Cause Peripheral Neuropathy?

You may also experience nerve entrapment in the lower back, which worries some people if it causes peripheral neuropathy. An entrapped nerve in the back means it is pinched, which causes pain. Any nerve pain can lead to neuropathy, suggesting the urgency of getting entrapment surgery as soon as possible if you experience back pain.

At Pain & Spine Specialists, our entrapped nerve treatment in Maryland is designed to relieve your pain and improve your quality of life. Should we determine that entrapment surgery is suited for your back pain, we will promptly deliver the services you need. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

When you see a general healthcare practitioner treat nerve pain, they may suggest that you rest the affected area. While that advice is sound, a nerve entrapment doctor in Maryland will go the extra mile to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Our specialists at Pain & Spine Specialists can help you make sense of the pain you feel and determine an appropriate treatment plan. We understand the need for a thorough evaluation to rule out other conditions that may cause similar symptoms.

When traditional pain relievers are no longer effective, your situation may warrant entrapment surgery. We will go over the risks and benefits of the procedure with you so that you can make an informed decision. Count on us to design a treatment plan that will relieve your entrapped nerves and improve your quality of life.

A man suffering from Peripheral Nerve entrapment holding his wrist

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Our experts at Pain & Spine Specialists are ready to address your entrapped nerve concerns. We can assign a nerve entrapment doctor in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to get started on your individualized plan for nerve entrapment treatment and alleviate any pain you experience. Request an appointment today! [Schedule Appointment]

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At Pain and Spine Specialists, our peripheral nerve entrapment doctors are committed to giving you the most effective treatment when treating your pain. We believe that all patients should have access to exceptional and compassionate care, regardless of what they are being treated for. Reach out today to find out more and schedule an appointment with one of our pain specialists.

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