Vertebral Compression Fracture Treatment 

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Vertebral compression fractures result when the bones of the spinal column weaken, leading to hairline fractures in the vertebrae forming and the eventual collapse of the vertebrae. When this happens, severe pain and possible loss in height occur. Comprehensive pain management is vital to a patient's healing process. Our Pain and Spine Specialists doctors can thoroughly evaluate your pain symptoms to diagnose the cause accurately.

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Pain Management for Compression Fracture Pain

If you're experiencing back pain that feels sudden and severe, it's possible you might have a vertebral compression fracture. This happens when one or more bones in your spine collapse. But don't worry, there are treatments available to help you manage and recover from this condition.

Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and various treatment approaches for a vetebral compression fracture by using the navigation buttons below. Knowledge is power, and being informed about your condition is the first step toward recovery.

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Vertebral Compression Fractures

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