Vertiflex Treatment

The Vertiflex treatment device is a progressive innovation used to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. Requiring a minimally invasive procedure, the Vertiflex implant restores the space between the vertebrae, lifting pressure from the compressed nerves in the spinal canal.  

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What is

Vertiflex Treatment

An interspinous spacer, the Vertiflex is an FDA approved device surgically placed between the vertebrae to provide relief from chronic back pain. When conservative treatments have failed and major surgery is not an option, the Vertiflex is an ideal solution. Made from titanium alloy, and available in multiple sizes, the Vertiflex device is a safe alternative to invasive spinal surgery.  

The Vertiflex Procedure

A simple, out-patient procedure, the Vertiflex spacer is placed via a small incision in your back. Using fluoroscopy, the spacer is implanted with a small tube. The device is placed between the vertebrae, supporting the existing anatomy holding them open. Open vertebrae relieve pressure from the compressed nerves in the spinal canal.  

Considered a ‘micro-surgery’ the Vertiflex procedure may take 15-45 minutes (depending on if the patient is having either one or two spacers implanted). Only requiring a local anesthetic, the device can be placed comfortably for the patient. Once implanted, the device has arms that open in the spinous process, preventing the implant from becoming dislodged.   

Post Procedure 

Once the procedure has been completed the patient will be able to go home. There may be minimal soreness at the incision site. The patient will have to avoid strenuous activity for roughly six weeks after the Vertiflex placement. However, light activity is ok. Patients will be able to preserve their range of motion in their lower back. 

The insertion of the device establishes enough comfortable space between the vertebrae to prevent the nerves from being painfully compressed. The vertebrae remain open, no longer crushing the cord of nerves in the spinal canal. With no pressure on the nerves, and individual suffering from LSS can begin to feel immediate relief.

Benefits of a Vertiflex spacers 

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Patients can go home the same day
  • Procedure does not require removal of bone or tissue 
  • Minimized blood loss 
  • Maximized pain relief  
  • Noticeable improvement in mobility and functionality

The Vertiflex device is a safe and effective treatment ideal for treating lumbar spinal stenosis. The implant may successfully provide patients suffering from chronic back and leg pain with sustainable relief. Lasting pain relief with this device allows patients to return to living a full and quality life.  

Is Vertiflex treatment right for you?

If the lower space in your spine narrows, the nerves that pass through become constricted, causing pain to radiate through your back and legs. When the nerves become painfully compressed, you may be suffering from a condition called Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS). Lumbar spinal stenosis leads to severe back pain (and leg pain) when standing or walking.  

Between each vertebrae exist discs that help cushion the spine, allowing for the body to bend and rotate. The discs maintain space for the nerves, but when the spine narrows the space becomes limited and the pressure causes painful symptoms.  

Those suffering from LSS may find themselves frequently leaning forward or sitting down. Maneuvering and positioning the body like this can relieve the chronic pain symptoms but is not feasible to do all day. The compressed nerves can also become inflamed, leading to more pain and limited mobility.  

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a common condition for those over the age of 60. However, it is possible for younger individuals to be diagnosed with LSS as well. Symptoms of LSS may begin if the patient has experienced an injury to the spine and/or has an underlying condition that effects the health of the spine.   

Symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis are: 

  • Aching, dull back pain 
  • Pain while standing 
  • Neurogenic Claudication (pain radiating from the buttocks, anterior thigh, and down the leg)  
  • Frequently sitting/leaning to relieve pain  
  • Weakness in legs  
  • Loss of balance   

Candidates for Veriflex Treatment: 

Symptoms of LSS can negatively impact your day-to-day activities, limiting your ability to participate in a full life. Vertiflex is an ideal solution for those suffering from back pain and have not found relief from conservative treatments. Candidates for this procedure may prefer the Vertiflex device if: 

  • If you no longer experience pain relief from NSAID’s/physical therapy/pain medication.
  • If you are unable to go through a major spine surgery.
  • If you prefer a shortened recovery time.
  • If you prefer maintaining the mobility in your back that may be lost from other types of spinal surgery.
  • If you prefer a reversible procedure.

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Please note: We accept Workers Compensation Insurance and Personal Injury Patients 

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