The Minuteman Procedure For Chronic Back Pain Relief

The Minuteman® Fusion is a minimally invasive procedure that offers relief from chronic back pain caused by spinal stenosis, herniated discs, or degenerative disc disease. The procedure involves inserting a small metal implant into the spine to help stabilize the spine, reduce debilitating pain, improve mobility, and reduce reliance on pain medication. Speak with our doctors today to see if Minuteman® Fusion is right for you.

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The Minuteman Fusion For Chronic Pain Relief

If you are living with chronic back pain and non-surgical treatments like physical therapy, injections, and medications have failed to provide relief, then the Minuteman spinal procedure may be right for you. This cutting-edge treatment offers a minimally invasive solution for chronic pain relief without needing to undergo major back surgery.

Compared to traditional back surgery, Minuteman® Fusion by Spinal Simplicity has fewer side effects, a faster recovery, and lower risks. The minimally invasive nature of the procedure reduces the likelihood of complications such as excessive blood loss, infection, and nerve damage. Additionally, the recovery time is shorter than that of traditional back surgery, allowing you to return to your daily activities within a few days.

For more information about the Minuteman procedure, candidates for treatments, and many other frequently asked questions, click the resource buttons below. When you're ready to speak to pain specialists, you can contact us through our online form or by giving us a call to schedule your new patient consultation.

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Brought to you by Dr. Sudhir Rao, Medical Director of Pain and Spine Specialists of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The Minuteman Procedure

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