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When pain radiates down the back, it can be an indication of radicular back pain. While this condition can be extremely uncomfortable and debilitating, seeking treatment from a specialist can help alleviate symptoms, improve mobility, and prevent further complications. If you are dealing with the effects of radicular back pain, the medical experts at Pain and Spine Specialists are ready to help. Our team of radicular back pain specialists is trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating this condition, providing personalized care to meet your unique needs

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Treatment For Radicular Back Pain

Back pain can be classified in many different ways. Radicular back pain occurs when pain radiates from an inflamed or pinched nerve root in your spin. The nerve roots are branched off the spinal cord and pass messages to the rest of the body. These spinal nerves signal pain messages to each other, making you experience pain symptoms. 

If you are suffering from Radicular Back pain, the first step is to schedule a consultation. Our back pain specialists will help diagnose your pain and develop an individualize treatment plan to effectively treat your symptoms at their root cause.

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Radicular Back Pain

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