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Back Pain Treatment Locations

We provided comprehensive back pain management for patients experiencing back pain. Our practice prides itself in providing innovative and progressive care for managing your back pain. View our treatment locations below:

240 W 11 St.
Suite 103
Erie, PA, 16501

(814) 790-5111

Mon - Fri | 8:00am-5:00pm


Chronic Back Pain

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Pain and Spine Specialists offers compassionate and experienced care in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Many people suffer from chronic pain and find it to be an incredibly frustrating experience. It is important for those suffering from chronic pain not to ignore their symptoms but to reach out to medical professionals who are knowledgable about pain management care. Pain and Spine Specialists (PASS) has a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are highly qualified to diagnose your pain conditions and provide you with an effective treatment plan.

A doctor review patient records after a failed back surgery

Our practice prides itself in providing innovative and progressive care for managing your chronic pain. If you find yourself wondering “what doctor do you see for back pain,” all you have to do is call Pain and Spine Specialists.  Chronic pain can be a complex and multifaceted problem plaguing patients for months, if not years. Quality of life is impacted and the individuals suffering may find their day-to-day experiences limited.  

Our board certified Back Pain Specialists provide comprehensive pain management care for all patients. We offer traditional, interventional, and alternative therapies to effectively treat your pain. Our pain management specialists will determine which modality of treatment best fits your needs to help you return to a fully functioning life. Your treatment will be determined through a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, pain history, and your health goals.  

Treatment options for our patients may incorporate recommendations for physical therapy, injection therapy, and medication to safely and effectively manage your pain.  

Your pain is valid, and your health concerns deserve to be addressed by experienced pain specialists. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you may find yourself wondering, “Where is the best back pain doctor near me?” Pain and Spine Specialists offers several locations that are easily accessible across three states. We understand the importance of having advanced pain specialists available to patients across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Back Pain Doctors

Across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, our back pain doctors offer each patient individualized treatments plans that will be the most effective for them. Our patient-centered plans are tailored to each individual’s diagnoses and unique needs. Our specialists are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience treating many different types of back pain. This includes chronic back pain, neck pain, spine pain, and various other conditions.  

Pain and Spine Specialists provides safe and efficient treatments to manage your chronic pain with regular appointments and consistent care. No two chronic pain patients are the same, and their treatments should reflect that. Our highly qualified staff will help determine the best treatment for you and what will provide you with the most successful outcome.

To learn more about our office locations or our practice, call our dedicated health professionals at Pain and Spine Specialists today! Call (301) 703-8767 (Maryland), (724) 603-3560 (Pennsylvania) or (540) 433-1905 (Virginia) and let us provide you with the support you deserve.

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