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Back pain can be classified in these two ways:

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Radicular Back Pain Overview

A frequent cause for lower back pain, radicular back pain occurs when pain radiates from an inflamed or pinched nerve root in your spin. The nerve roots are branched off the spinal cord and pass messages to the rest of the body. These spinal nerves signal pain messages to each other, making you experience pain symptoms. Direct pressure or compression of the spinal nerves can cause irritation and inflammation. 

Referred Back Pain Overview

If you are experiencing back pain, it is important to accurately determine the cause. Sometimes the answer can be obvious such as an injury or overexertion during physical activity. Sometimes the source of the pain does not match where the pain manifests.  

Pain in your back may not actually be related to a back problem at all. Referred pain is pain felt in a different area of the body that differs from the injured or diseased organ. The pain signals are perceived in a region (such as the back) that has a nerve supply that is different from the source of the pain.  

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