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Any back pain experienced for less than four weeks can be classified as acute pain, ranging from inconvenient and uncomfortable to sharp stabbing pain. Although acute back pain can feel as though it will never end, the truth is that there is a broad range of treatment options to get those feeling this discomfort up and moving again. At Pain and Spine Specialists, we can help accurately diagnose and treat your acute back pain. Contact us today!

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What Is Acute Back Pain

When you are dealing with back pain, every aspect of your life is affected. From being unable to exercise to missing significant time from work, back pain can make every task challenging. If you are experiencing back pain it is important to define the type of pain you are experiencing. Different pain types can include acute back pain, chronic back pain, or inflammatory back pain 

Diagnosing the type of pain allows a pain management doctor to better identify the cause of your condition and devise an effective treatment plan that is tailored to you unique diagnosis. 

For Acute pain, we offer many minimally invasive treatments and techniques to help relieve your acute back pain and to avoid future exposure to back pain.  

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Chronic Back Pain

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Types of Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain, it is essential to define the type of pain you are experiencing. Different pain types require different treatment approaches, so determining exactly which types of back pain you are experiencing can make all the difference in someone's health and well-being.

The most common types of back pain include chronic back pain, inflammatory back pain, and acute back pain.

Chronic back pain is typically defined as intense discomfort lasting at least three months, while inflammatory back pain is a type of chronic back pain that is usually associated with inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. 

What Is Acute Back Pain

Imagine waking up one morning and finding that simple tasks such as bending down to tie your shoes or reaching up to get something from a shelf cause you significant discomfort. That's what living with acute back pain can feel like. It disrupts your routine, making daily activities that you once took for granted challenging and painful. It may restrict your mobility, forcing you to move slower or even limit your activities.

The term "acute", in the context of back pain, refers to a sudden onset of discomfort that typically lasts for a short period, usually six weeks or less. This type of pain arises abruptly, often as a result of injury or overuse, and tends to be severe. While acute back pain can be quite intense, it is usually temporary and improves with appropriate care and treatment.

Common causes of acute sharp lower back pain:

Experiencing a sudden, sharp pain in your lower back can be alarming. This acute back pain is most often caused by a sudden injury to the muscles and ligaments that support your back. Straining a muscle or spraining a ligament are common causes of this type of discomfort.

These injuries can occur due to repeated heavy lifting, a sudden awkward movement, or any physical activity that puts undue stress on your back. Understandably, this can cause you considerable discomfort and limit your mobility.

Some of the other most common causes of acute back pain are: