June 21

Top 5 High-Risk Jobs for Back Injuries


For most people, going to their job does not include the risk of injury. There may be an occasional day of strain from sleeping badly or a caffeine induced migraine, but for most people the risk of injury is low. However, for some people, the risk of injury is high in their profession. Awkward postures, forceful movements, and heavy physical work can create physical pain and eventual back injuries. 

Some professions that carry a high risk of back injury are: 

Warehouse Workers  

For those who work in warehouses the daily strain of lifting, carrying, and bending puts a strain on your lower back. These repeated awkward positions compound the pain that radiates through your lower back. Many warehouse employees are required to accomplish their tasks in a specific amount of time. Operating under these constraints, many employees rush to complete their work at the detriment to their physical safety. Employees in a warehouse become more susceptible to injuring their backs and suffering from chronic pain.  

Nursing Staff 

Nursing personnel and other medical professionals are among the highest at risk for back injury experienced from their work. Nursing staff and personnel face the challenge of being on their feet all day, all while facing the physical challenges of their work. Staff are expected to lift and move patients, shift patients from beds to bathrooms, and respond to physical emergencies quickly.  

Truck Drivers 

Back pain and injury are common for professional truck drivers. Driving 5-7 days in a row, between 8-10 hours each day takes a toll on your back. Professional drivers have to travel long distances and meet their deadlines. Typically, this means they also get limited breaks. Extended periods of sitting are followed by bursts of strenuous activity which ultimately lead to back injuries.  

Police Officers 

Police officers and others in the law enforcement community experience back injury at astonishingly high rates. Layered up in protective gear like heavy Kevlar and their large duty belts compounds physical pressure on their body’s. Many officers wear Kevlar vests (a bullet proof material that is extremely heavy) and a duty belt that carries the tools of their profession (also heavily weighted in itself). Extended hours sitting in a cruiser leaves the lower back unsupported. Many may even injure their backs in the line of duty.  

For many, their chosen careers are their dream jobs. They couldn’t imagine leaving their profession for one that carries a lesser risk to injury. All the same, they are not immune to experiencing pain in their lower back. But there are ways to prevent or mitigate back pain. At Pain and Spine Specialists, we are here to help. We can evaluate your work-related pain and determine the severity of your injury. If you would like to schedule a consult for your back pain please call (301) 703-8767 (Maryland), (724) 603-3560 (Pennsylvania), or (540) 433-1905 (Virginia) and schedule an appointment with our pain management specialists today. 


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