Lower Back Pain Doctor Frederick, MD

Lower Back Pain Doctor Frederick, MD

When Yoga Won’t Cut It: Addressing Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Doctor Frederick, MDSometimes it’s a dull throb. Sometimes it’s a shooting sensation that spreads through your entire lower back. Pain can come on suddenly from an injury or just the daily wear and tear of movement. The lower back, or “lumbar region” can have the ligaments that are damaged around the spine and discs, or the muscles of the lower back could be strained and inflamed. The important thing to do is have a doctor examine the area and tell you the source of the pain. At Pain and Spine Specialists in Frederick, the doctors and medical staff will be able to give you a thorough physical exam, in addition to taking a detailed medical history to determine the best course of treatment. Sometimes, lower back pain can resolve itself. However, it is always important to be proactive in your wellness regimen. If the pain in your lower back lasts longer than three months, than it can be categorized as a chronic condition. Pain and Spine Specialists of Frederick specialize in managing and relieving chronic pain conditions, and one of the most frequent complaints from patients is about their back pain.

The spine has “stacked” vertebrae that provide a movable support structure for the body. Every trip, or accidental fall, maybe even the kids jumping on you can cause a “stressful impact” on the spinal column. And there are several ways to address the pain. One easy change you can make is keeping a pillow between your knees when you’re laying down and watching tv or even sleeping. By keeping a pillow between your knees you can relieve and prevent strain on your back. It keeps your spine a neutral position and prevents the increase of pressure. Another easy thing to try would be stretching. Simple stretches like lying on your back and bringing your knees to your chest, one at a time, can relax tight hips and relax the glutes.

However, if there is a major cause for the chronic back pain, only monitored care from a chronic pain specialist can be effective. Pain and Spine Specialists offer several options, like an epidural steroid injection. In one of these injections, a needle and a syringe are used to enter the epidural space and deposit small amounts of the medication around the inflamed spinal nerve. This will allow a more concentrated method in addressing the region of pain.

PASS offers many solutions to your chronic back pain. Conveniently located in Frederick, and available to many patients from the entirety of the DMV, our medical team can begin your journey of healing. To schedule a consultation with a lower back pain doctor Frederick, MD residents recommend, call us today.

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