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What are Cancer Pains?


What Causes Cancer Pains and How Can They Be Treated?

While not everyone with cancer experiences cancer pains, it is estimated that one in three people do experience these pains. If the cancer is considered advanced or has spread, the chances of a patient experiencing pains are higher. Cancer pains can be dull, achy, or sharp and can range from mild to severe and be constant or intermittent. So, what causes these pains and how can they be treated?

What Causes Cancer Pains?

Cancer pains are not a result of cancer treatments but from the cancer itself. Cancer can cause pain by growing in or destroying the tissue near the cancer growth. As a tumor grows, it can put pressure on your nerves, bones, and organs, causing pain. This pain can also be caused by the chemicals that are released from the cancer. So how can a patient find relief from cancer pains?

Treating Cancer Pains

Cancer pains can be extremely uncomfortable but there are treatments that can help you. Treating cancer with treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery may help ease the pain in these situations. Cancer pains can also be treated with medications such as over-the-counter pain relievers; weak opioids like codeine; and strong opioid medications like oxycodone, methadone, and morphine. Specialized treatments like nerve blocks can also help ease the pain. Nerve blocks are a local anesthetic that is injected around or in the nerve to prevent pain messages from traveling up to the brain. Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and physical therapy can also help ease the aches and pains.

While some cancer pains are untreatable, many of them can be treated with a little help from a doctor. For more information on treating cancer pains, call Pain and Spine Specialists today!

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