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Tips to Restoring Gut Health


Signs You Have an Unhealthy Gut and How to Restore Your Health

Functional medicine focuses on the belief that the gut is the gateway to overall health. In functional medicine, clinicians practice with the notion that every system in your body is connected. From the digestive system to the hormonal system, these systems are connected to the gut, and invariably to overall health. Gut imbalance has shown links to hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and many other chronic health problems. So, what are the signs that you have a gut health problems and how can you restore gut health?

Signs of an Unhealthy Gut

There are different signs you may be experiencing if you are having gut health problems. There are two different categories for these problems: physical and psychological. Physical problems include bloating, gas, and diarrhea; food allergies or sensitivities; skin problems like eczema and rosacea; autoimmune disease; diabetes; and frequent infections. Psychological symptoms include anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, poor memory, and concentration, and ADD or ADHD. ?Below are tips on how to restore gut health. Tips for Restoring Your Gut Health

Firstly, everyone can benefit from a quality probiotic. When choosing a quality probiotic, it should ideally contain five to 10 billion colony forming units (CFU). Additionally, a probiotic should also contain multiple strains of bacteria. Also, avoid overuse of antibiotics as they will kill good bacteria. To promote good bacteria, incorporate fermented foods in your diet like yogurt, soy sauce, fermented tofu, kimchi, and sauerkraut. To minimize bad bacterial growth and restore balance, eat less refined sugars and work to lower stress levels.

Restoring gut health can help keep your life balanced and help improve your overall physical and mental health. For more information on restoring your gut health, call Pain and Spine Specialists today!

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