August 22

Sweeten Up Your Summer by Picking Fresh Fruit

We often like to talk about the benefits of cutting sugar from your diet. And when we do, we often recommend sugar substitutes like agave nectar, raw stevia, or honey. But one way to scratch your sweet tooth during the summer is by eating more fruit!

The USDA recommends eating about 1 – 2 cups of fruit per day, depending on factors such as age, gender, and age. What’s more, fruits are an excellent source of many of the essential vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to function. They’re low in calorie, fat, and sodium, but eating more fruit can actually help you stay hydrated in the summer.

Now, you could just go to the grocery store and grab some stuff. But store bought fruit tends to lack a lot of flavor. Instead, consider going to a local farm or farmers market to find fruit that’s fresher and tastier. Luckily, our region has a ton of places where you can pick your own fruit. Here are a few farms and farmers’ markets in our region that you can visit.

Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm

Hybridoma offers several varieties of blueberry plants, blackberries, and black raspberries, and they’re all organic. Their farm recently added a number of new features, including a, Blueberry Oven, which they use to bake pizzas, pies, and other tasty treats (all of which are on sale at the farm). Additionally, they updated their playground, making it even more fun and safer than ever.

Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

At Weber’s Peachberry farm, you can buy directly from their farmers market, or get the full experience by picking your own fruit. The farm organizes multiple events and offers a wide variety of products. In addition to peaches, blackberries and blueberries, they make delicious apple cider, and you can even order a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving.

Lohr’s Orchard

Peaches, tomatoes, sweet corn, apples, oh my! There’s a lot going on a Lohr’s Orchard. This family farm has been in operation since 1928. Not only can you pick your own fruits and veggies, but you can also take a hay ride!


A perennial favorite, Baugher’s has a little something for everyone. At this time of year, it’s all about peaches, nectarines, and plums. But they also have a great selection in their fruit market, including locally produced honey (in case the fruit you pick isn’t sweet enough). Go back in the fall to pick apples and pumpkins!

Farmers Markets

If picking your own fruit isn’t an option for whatever reason, taking your kids to the farmers market is a good alternative. Not only can you get freshly picked produce, but you can often find a lot of other interesting things like fresh meat, eggs, and other homemade products. Luckily, in our region, there are quite a few farmers’ markets, giving you plenty of options. Here’s a link to a fairly comprehensive listing of markets in Maryland.

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