Good morning Dr. Rao, Thank you. After going to four pain management clinic’s, two orthopedic doctors and spending over $1579.00 with no relief. After one visit with you I am finally getting some relief. I still hurts but it’s doesn’t seem to be getting worse, as it has been for almost a year. I don’t feel like giving up and this life I have might actually be worth fighting for, as I am not consumed every minute of everyday fighting pain.





We, at Pain and Spine Specialists of Maryland, are dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care and services and truly have each individual’s comfort in mind. Our mission is to make each patient who walks through our doors feel as comfortable as possible. Extensive research has been conducted and analyzed regarding what patients find unappealing about a doctor’s office visit.

A unique and novel approach has been designed based on these responses in order to improve each patient’s overall experience. Below is a list of services as well as actions we are taking to provide the best possible patient encounter.

Upon Arrival

  • Each patient will be greeted pleasantly by a liaison who will assist with every facet of his or her visit.
  • Any family that accompanies the patient will be offered comfort snacks and beverages while they wait.
  • Each patient will be personally escorted back and introduced to one of our treatment specialists.

Note: we are accepting Workers Compensation insurance to treat injured workers.

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