December 9

Can You Sweat Your Way To Better Health?

The holiday season is upon us, which for many of us means more stress. Crowded shopping malls, errands galore, screaming kids, increased work demands: it seems like this season has no end of sources of stress. While we can acknowledge that stress is a natural reaction to our environment, developed from hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, we should also acknowledge its effects on our bodies. Increased stress levels can really take a toll, both our physical well-being and on our overall health. Many studies have been conducted over the years that demonstrate stress? correlation with both minor and major health issues, from chronic headaches and other pains to triggering heart attacks, and a wide range of conditions in between.

One method we use to help patients reduce stress is having them spend time in our infrared sauna. Unlike traditional saunas, which use dry heat or steam to heat the room to fairly high temperatures, infrared saunas use infrared lights which emit radiant heat that is directly absorbed by the body.

So how does the infrared sauna help reduce stress? First and foremost, it’s a pleasant, relaxing experience. The lower temperatures expose patients to gentle, soothing heat, rather than the intense temperatures of traditional saunas. Patients can experience the effects of being in a traditional sauna, but more mildly and for longer times. The result is that it is a more comfortable experience with lower risk of overheating.

Additionally, we recommend the infrared sauna for toxin elimination, joint, muscle, and tissue pain relief. Infrared saunas are effective in increasing metabolism and improving the immune system. As mentioned above, there is a strong connection between pain and stress, and addressing the pain gives the body space to heal.

And while many patients can see results in as little as 15 minutes, we often recommend a series of sessions. This is because most of health issues, especially those related to chronic pain, are not solved with a single treatment. Patient’s most frequently see improved health over time with consistent treatments.

If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms, it’s important to see a medical professional about it right away. The sooner you can, the easier it is to treat.

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