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Clinical Trials Available at Pain and Spine Specialists

Clinical trials are research studies that allow physicians to explore medical strategies, treatments, or devices that could be effective for humans. These studies can show what treatments are effective against certain illnesses, diseases, or groups of individuals. Clinical trials can provide important information and are the final stage in developing a new treatment for illnesses or conditions. But what should the patient know before signing up for a clinical trial?

What the Patient Should Know Before Participating in a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials involve a few risks that are important for the patient to consider. When weighing the risks of these trials, the patient should consider the degree of harm that could result in participating in the study. There are many different clinical studies that carry the risk of minor discomfort. Because many of these treatments are still in the testing phase, there could be side effects that require medical attention. However, there are also many different benefits to participating in a clinical trial. Not only will the patient receive regular and careful medical attention from a research team, but you will also help to contribute to medical research. Before deciding to participate, it is important to consider the possible risks and benefits of a clinical trial.

Signing Up for a Clinical Trial

When thinking about participating in a clinical trial, Pain and Spine Specialists have made it easy with the help of ePatientFinder. This app allows patients to connect with their physicians and access the data with an easy-to-use interface. ePatientFinder also allows patients to find clinical trials in their area so they can begin to feel better while helping the medical community and other patients.

When signing up for a clinical trial, it is important for the patient to weigh the risks and benefits of signing up for a clinical trial. For more information on working with Pain and Spine Specialists on a clinical trial, call us today!

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