November 28

5 Things To Know About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

When you suffer from periods of intense and prolonged pain, it’s important to find out why. Many individuals develop painful symptoms every year, yet few experience them spontaneously. This rarer condition, known as complex regional pain syndrome, is the triggering of pain following seemingly mundane activity, such as touch. It comes with a wide range of symptoms, and learning more about it is the key to getting the treatment you need. These are five important things to know about complex regional pain syndrome.

Severity and Symptoms Vary by Person

By nature, how CRPS manifests can vary greatly for each individual. Doctors don’t know much about what causes this condition. It often develops out of nowhere, and your flare-ups may be more severe than others with the condition. This syndrome may even go undiagnosed, often mistaken for more common physical conditions for years. As such, it’s vital that you communicate with a team of professionals and give them detailed information about how you’re feeling.

CRPS Has Two Primary Types

It’s also important to note that CRPS comes in two primary types. Type one seems to occur with no previously reported nerve damage on the part of the patient, and type two classifies the condition as possibly stemming from past nerve trauma. No official correlation exists between nerve damage and CRPS. However, it may have something to do with the onset of sudden symptoms.

This Syndrome Is More Common in Adults

Additionally, CRPS tends to present itself more often in adults than children. Usually, it’s around 40 years of age and generally impacts women at an increased rate than men. Because it’s still unclear as to what causes the condition, leading an overall healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do to decrease your risk.

Some Health Factors Can Increase Your Risk

Another crucial thing to know about complex regional pain syndrome is that other aspects of your health may increase your chances of developing this condition. As mentioned previously, there may be correlations between poor nerve health and CRPS, and ailments like diabetes can exacerbate that. Other risks include a weakened immune system and susceptibilities in your personal genetics.

Starting Treatment Greatly Improves Comfort

Fortunately, like with most painful conditions, seeking treatment early on can help improve your comfort levels. This process often consists of physical therapy, medication, and overall lifestyle changes. But the exact actions depend on the serenity of the condition and how you feel. A qualified expert can help assess your state and pinpoint options that are right for you.

At Pain and Spine Specialists, we help individuals with a vast array of conditions find relief from their painful symptoms. Whether it be something rare like CRPS or a more common ailment, our team of experts will work around the clock to find a treatment that works for your needs. In visiting our pain management clinic in Hagerstown, Maryland, you gain a knowledgeable group of professionals who will stop at nothing to help mitigate your sudden pain.


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