Neck Pain Specialist Frederick, MD

Neck Pain Specialist Frederick, MD

Our neck pain specialist Frederick, MD pain sufferers depend on, recommend Pain & Spine Specialists for treatments they require. Facing neck injuries can be frustrating, especially if it begins to impact a person’s overall quality of life. Despite your best efforts to manage your symptoms with rest and over the counter medications, you may still find yourself suffering from pain. While in some cases, the pain may go away on its own, knowing when to see a doctor will be critical for treatment. In addition to a variety of treatments we offer, there are also some natural remedies, such as stretching, that may assist in pain management.

Facing Neck Injuries?

A neck injury can make it difficult to sleep, move your neck and head, and participate in daily activities. Neck injuries can occur suddenly, and in some cases may require treatment, especially if the injury was the result of an accident or degeneration. While prompt treatment may help mitigate injuries from worsening over time, should your injury result in a car accident or a fall, medical treatment may be critical for your health and the legal case you may be pursuing.

When to See a Doctor

Neck pain may be persistent and, in some cases, may not go away alone. Some may put off seeking medical attention for another day, hoping that they will eventually feel better. However, be aware that neck pain is an incredibly common issue that patients seek medical care for. Here are signs that you may want to consider seeking care from a neck pain doctor in Frederick, MD:

  1. The pain is impacting your life
  2. You are having trouble sleeping
  3. You have been in an accident
  4. You are experiencing a tingling sensation in your limbs

Your doctor will play a critical role in treating your injuries. However, be aware that medical professionals can also help rule out any other conditions that may be underlying, and in some cases, incredibly dangerous.

Stretches to Relieve Neck Pain

One form of treatment your doctor may recommend is physical therapy. A physical therapist can offer several stretches and exercises to reduce pain, strengthen the neck muscles, and prevent further injury from occurring in the future. Recommended stretches might include:

  • Lowering your chin to chest and tilting your head back
  • Tilting your head from side to side
  • Rolling shoulders forward and backward
  • Extending your right arm over your head and reach for the left, bending your torso. Switch sides.
  • In a chair, rotate your torso to the right, reaching for the back. Switch sides.
  • Squeezing your shoulders behind you and hold.

Stretches can undoubtedly assist in managing pain and maximizing treatment. While you work to strengthen your muscles or doctor will work closely with you to administer medications designed to manage your pain and assist in your recovery.

Pain & Spine Specialists are experienced professionals who aim to assist the healing process with a variety of treatments offered at our practice. We provide intervention, medication management, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and more. If you are suffering from pain, the time to act is now. Our Frederick, Maryland neck pain specialist wants to help you diagnose and treat the condition promptly.

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