SMART: Self Management and Recovery Training

Pain and Spine Specialists will offer another recovery program known as SMART. This program is for individuals struggling with addictions and behavioral disorders.

Participants in the Pain and Spine Specialists SMART program will learn how to control their addictive behavior by focusing on underlying thoughts and feelings. SMART is also an updated method based on emerging scientific evidence in addiction recovery.

SMART differs from the traditional 12-step program in that it does not require participants to admit powerlessness over their habit, but utilizes a more self-empowering approach. Service recipients will be taught self-reliance to control their addictive behavior through cognitive behavioral and motivational enhancement therapies. Service recipients will learn these skills by utilizing a 4-point program:

Pain and Spine Specialists has formulated its approach to SMART therapy based on the SMART recovery handbook and other well accepted interventions. Our 4-point program will consist of:

  1. Building and maintaining motivation.
    • Having the proper willingness to stay sober is an important part of reaching long-lasting recovery.
    • Participants may make a list of priorities and weigh the costs and benefits of using versus being sober.
  2. Coping with urges.
    • The second point examines what triggers a craving.
    • Participants learn how to suppress cravings through methods such as distraction techniques. They also identify and overcome irrational beliefs about urges to use.
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
    • Point three teaches how to prevent relapses by examining thoughts, feelings and behaviors that lead to drug use.
    • Participants learn self-acceptance and how to manage difficult feelings like depression.
  4. Living a balanced life.
    • Deciding to be sober is a drastic lifestyle change. Learning how to live a sober life is important for a successful recovery.
    • Participants take an inventory of what’s important to them. They are also taught realistic goal setting and planning for the future.

The Pain and Spine Specialists’ approach to SMART defines addiction in different terms than a traditional 12-step program. Some individuals often choose not to voluntarily join a 12-step program because they don’t like the idea of admitting powerlessness or submitting to a higher power. Recovering addicts in the PASS SMART program will put aside the often discouraging and unproductive labels associated with a traditional 12-step program and utilize the SMART recovery approach by directly taking charge of their lives instead.

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