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We offer patients the ability to schedule their appointments as telemedicine conferences. Our pain management services encourage social distancing and quarantining. We encourage patients to contact our online pain management doctors to start their care today!

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COVID-19 has drastically shifted the daily lives of many Americans. Many people found their anxiety increasing while struggling to manage a semblance of normalcy. Maintaining their own doctor’s appointments became a concern.

If the country is under quarantine, and social distancing is required, how were they supposed to have an appointment? How were they going send their prescriptions? These valid concerns placed a heavy burden on many individuals. Fortunately, Pain and Spine Specialists addressed these concerns effectively and smoothly by offering telemedicine appointments.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a virtual tool used by pain management specialists when an “in person” visit with a patient is not possible. Virtual appointments themselves are not a new concept, but have become more common place with the advancement of technology and widespread access to the internet. With COVID-19’s impact on social interaction, minimizing physical contact with others became essential. Patients can conveniently utilize Telehealth appointments from the safety of their homes.

Individuals can use their camera-enabled smart phones or their computers, and have direct access to their medical care. Medical offices provide patients with a secure platform in which they can receive virtual care. The virtual appointment would provide real time video conferencing between the patient and the doctor, allowing the patient to discuss their needs and concerns without fear of exposure to illness.

Online Pain Management Doctors at PASS

With the onset of COVID-19, and the increasing societal concerns of exposure, Pain and Spine Specialists recognized the rapidly changing nature of providing health care to speciality care patients. Our practice began transitioning patients efficiently to Telehealth before the nationwide shut down occurred. Patients were able to have appointments with their pain doctor online. 

Each patient is provided a secure link (via text message or email) directly connected to their medical provider. Upon clicking the link, the patient is directed to a virtual waiting room in which the provider can view.

When the provider has finished with their previous patient, they select the current patient’s name and the video conference begins. Upon completion of their telemedicine appointment, the provider will electronically send their prescription directly to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. Patients will be able to limit their exposure on a need-to basis, only leaving their homes for essential matters. 

Our Telehealth appointments are designed to prevent potential exposure to our patients and our staff. The health and welfare of our chronic pain patients and staff members are of utmost importance. Patients who are severely immunocompromised or high risk individuals with underlying health conditions can benefit from our telemedicine appointments.

These virtual appointments are available to patients, designed to provide quality care while still social distancing. However, if you are experiencing dangerous or life threatening symptoms, patients should go to their nearest emergency room or dial 911.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with a pain doctor online, or have questions about online pain management doctors, you can speak to our board certified health professionals at Pain and Spine Specialists. Call (301) 703-8767 (Maryland), (724) 603-3560 (Pennsylvania) or (540) 433-1905 (Virginia) and let us assist you in scheduling your virtual appointment. 

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Please note: We accept Workers Compensation Insurance and Personal Injury Patients 

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