Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Pain and Spine Specialists will utilize Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) in order to evoke internally motivated change, which will often be offered in conjunction with other forms of counseling such as the Pain and Spine Specialists SMART programs.

After an initial assessment, MET is comprised of four targeted treatment sessions. Each session is personalized to the needs of the individual. Early sessions focus on evaluating information from the initial assessment and setting goals for the future. Later sessions provide the patient with perspective and positive reinforcement for staying sober.

The five critical elements of MET that patients and therapists will work through have been found to encourage feelings of motivational change in those suffering from drug addiction. These five critical elements include:

  • Developing and Expressing Empathy
  • Acknowledging the disparity between thoughts and reality
  • Avoiding Arguments
  • Accepting resistance as part of the process
  • Supporting a recovering addict’s self-efficiency

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